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am i suffering from anxiety or another disorder? i dont know what to do :(

Hi everyone :) i was wondering if anyone has experienced anything similar to me or has any advice.

You hear alot about people with social anxiety and phobias ect but im kind of opposite, really suffering while im alone. i have been developing this downwards spiral for around 3 months or so now and its getting progressively worse.i just cannot bear to be in the house on my own (im not scared of being in the actual house alone ive got a great guard dog :P ) its like an emotional scared.when my partner goes to work (11-17 hours a day) i have to find any excuse to get out, ill ring everyone i know to see if people are free, if they arent ill just go out for a walk anywhere with human interaction, to the shops ect for as long as i can. when it first started id just get bored and want to go out but now its like my partner can be gone for 10mins and ill be itching to just get out the house as soon as i can or i start feeling really down like the worlds on top of me!

is this normal? is this anxiety or some other disorder, any ideas? i just dont know what to do its really affecting me now :( x

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Hi & welcome

It sounds like you could have anxiety been in the house on your own , not through fear , but maybe you feel safer when you have company around you

I no years ago I always felt the need to be in company , I would feel anxious on my own , now years later I like my own company

Do you feel anxious been on your own , or is it that you dont no how to occupy yourself , like been happy in your own company & the need to have people around you (if you no what I mean )

This may not have been much help but more people will read your post & maybe be able to give better suggestions





its not that i dont know how to occupy myself i have a million and one things i can be doing! i just cant seem to find the motivation to do it, id rather just get myself out quick as i can, even if im just wasting time when im out which alot of the time i will. i tend to go home 30mins before my partner gets home to do abit of cleaning and make tea so it doesnt look like ive been out all day and been lazy around the house. i just have to be around people all the time even if its just randomers in the street (i dont stop and talk to randomers in the street though haha) maybe this is just a phase and will pass, i hope so before it gets any worse. thanks for your comment :) x

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Just read your GP is not very good & their attitude doesnt sound it either

Is there another surgery you could join ?

Maybe as you are aware of this , to try & say for instance , I will not leave the house , for at least 30 minutes after they have left & I will go home 45 minutes before OH is due back , then maybe slowly extend those times & see how you feel

If its just a phase by doing that you can slowly get out of the way of thinking you might have developed , if not then I would say try a different GP or if thats not possible , make yours listen ,but that suggestion might work

You can come on here & with every extra minutes you manage we will encourage you & support you :)



Sorry just realized you are expecting a baby "congratulations "

Have you found this has happened since becoming pregnant

If so , this could be the reason & it should pass when you have had the baby



Thanks, yeah it has started since ive been pregnant, however because ive suffered with disorders such as depression in the past i don't know whether its pregnancy related or not, i am worried that it will affect me when the baby's here as i cant just up and go whenever i feel i have to, but on the other hand it might pass coz ill be so busy with the baby. Until then i guess ill just have to suffer, wait and see! Only 3 months left, in just afraid i will have well and truly lost the plot by then as its getting worse. But i could try what you suggested before trying make myself stay in..... Thanks for the support


I can understand your fear & its natural

I suffered with anxiety before I had my first child , 2nd & 3rd , I used to have all sorts of fears , yet once they were born , it is like your maternal instincts just kick in & they are the most precious thing in the world & you do everything putting them first

Your hormones also will be all over the place & even when people have never suffered with anxiety or depression they also can feel like this

Try not to worry ,the more you fear the "may be's" because thats what they are , the worse it will feel , I no its not easy

Try what I have said , even if it is just 10 minutes either way , it helps a little

Have you talked to your OH , is he supportive , he may be able to help you to

Come on here & talk , you are not & wont loose the plot , when we are expecting we can have some really weird & wonderful reactions , its very normal



Lets hope for the best then ey :) hope its just those pesky hormones playing havoc with my mind! yeah hes good about it, its took me a while to tell him coz that's how ashamed i was about the whole situation, hes encouraged me to get help. I don't feel 'cured' almost by telling people the fact ive got this off my chest to someone makes me feel relieved, that i don't have to suffer on my own anymore. Im glad ive found this website. X


O thats good news , I am glad he is supportive & please you have nothing to be ashamed of , which I am sure he has told you already

Let him help , I no when we are pregnant & even when the baby comes , sometimes men can feel pushed out & a little useless as its about us & that lovely baby , I bet he would feel so much more helpful & wanted in all this knowing you needed his support

I also have read before when women have suffered with depression that when they had a baby ,it actually reversed their depression & they no longer had it , so thats a thought

It made me have to cast my mind back after speaking to you last night , but when I did , I had to be honest & I didnt like to be on my own when I was pregnant either , so I do feel this could be part of all this & yes hormones , they can be weird & wonderful at the best of times , but more so when you are pregnant :o

No you are not on your own , keep coming on , we will support the best we can & maybe you no , but cant wait to no if its a boy /girl , names etc , I love babies :)



Hi, welcome to the site. It could be anxiety. If you are feeling bad go and see your GP. I feel safer when I'm with my family and people I've known along time, otherwise I'd rather be alone. I'm sure someone on here will be able to give you some reassurance.

Take care xxx


hi, i dont mean to bad mouth my GPs but they are useless, one told me once that even though i had a sprained knee the size of a football there was nothing wrong with me and that i should take paracetamol. and another is a newly qualified doc who told me the other week she had no idea if i had a hernia or not but if anything happens go the hospital. if i went with this problem they would probably laugh and tell me to man up or summit. i cant really afford private health care either so i just feel like i have no one to go to :( thanks for your post x


Oh that sounds dreadful, could you change GP? Have you looked on the nhs site, mind or anxiety uk. They all have some useful tips. You can use us aswell on here to vent to xxx


Hi suzie sorry to see your having a rough time of it. I too feel similar to yourself, much prefer it if I have someone in the house with me. If hubby tells me he's going away with work or even just a night out I dread it.

Hope you feel better soon.


I live alone and when I feel very anxious or depressed I will always go out, even if it is for a walk to town centre where I can relax in a coffee shop, read and be amongst other people. Or I will try and call someone or both.There's nothing wrong with that and its a coping mechanism. At other times I prefer to be alone. From what you've said Suzie it sounds to me more like depression and this could be triggered by hormonal changes due to your pregnancy. When you feel depressed this can also trigger anxiety since you obviously get concerned about the way you are feeling. Has your GP recommended any medication that can help? It is important that you get some help with the way you're feeling and so try to be honest with your GP. I'm sure you will cope just fine. You mentioned about being normal, but really there is no such thing as normal. I hope you will keep posting here and please get some further help and please tell your GP.


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