I suppose looking back that my obsessive worrying has always been an issue but my life took a turn for the worse some ten months ago following a traumatic event. This led to rapid weight loss, insomnia, fear and panic. My GP was useless and I continued on a downward spiral for weeks. I have been on three anti depressants, other so called anti anxiety drugs and anti histamine to help me sleep. Although I am somewhat calmer now I cannot stop thinking about my condition. From the minute I wake up to going to bed at night I constantly think of how I feel and cannot concentrate on anything else. Song lyrics can run through my mind all day creating more fear. I am scared of virtually everything. I try to get on with my life but everyday seems the same. I just feel ill all day and have this awful feeling in my chest (it is not tightness) which makes me feel like I dont want to live. How can a feeling make you feel this way. I have such innocuous thoughts that make me feel terrible.

Sorry to go on but I'm getting really scared that I will never recover. Has anyone else suffered with a similar scenario and is this Anxiety?


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  • Hi

    You will recover & its anxiety causing you to feel this way , you are not alone we have all experienced or are still feeling just as you are

    Go back to your GP & tell them exactly what you feel , ask if you couild have some coucelling , it may help

    Read the blogs on here & you will see you are not alone with this

    All your thoughts are due to anxiety , but in time they will become less , accept you have an illness & at the moment this is how you feel , the more we try to fight it the harder it is

    Keep posting




  • Hi whywhy

    Thanks for the kind comments and thoughts. I really do wish I could accept this but I dont seem able to. I know that as long as I keep looking for recovery it will elude me. I suppose my greatest fear is that I had very little in my life prior to this episode so how can I recover. Life is just a chore no peace or enjoyment. I continue to work albeit at a much reduced capacity. I have tried CBT without much sucess although I think my attitude was poor and had doubts as to whether it would work.

    I will keep facing this and hope I will come through it.

    Thanks again.


  • Hi there doodie. It sounds like anxiety to me. I am no expert, it's just that I have been diagnosed with anxiety and suffered all your symptoms, except insomnia (I'm the opposite...I sleep too much!) It's worth going back to your GP or trying another one. Anxiety is frightening, but it is treatable. It may just take a while to find the best way for you, but do persevere. I do hope you are able to find some peace from this tension soon.


  • Hi Ann

    I have never experienced anything like this in my life. I just see no end to the suffering. I am taking steps to be medication free and want to deal with this on my own. I have lost all respect for the medical profession during my episode.

    Hopefully I will come through this.


  • Hey there doodles i have been suffering with panic attacks for 8 weeks now and have felt alone desperate and scared my feelings and thoughts have been so intense and my head wont stop thinking of everything awful i am scared to sleep at night and dread tbe nights coming and often wake with sweats shakes and terrible nausea as soon as i wake it hits me like a ton of bricks that it is still here and am feeling so depressed with it all now just to let you know i feel exactly the same and we do need to get through it i am putting my confidence in these great people on here trust me i am so in the same spot as you but we need to get through it xx

  • Hi sheffieldwed

    I gather from your user name that you are an Owls fan. Sadly I am a Leeds fan.

    I dont appear to suffer from panic attacks but seem to have permanent anxiety which I feel both mentally and physically.

    I must admitt the mornings are worst for me as soon as I wake up everything justs hits me. How I would love to wake up with some peace.

    I have no intention of giving in to this but ten months of my life wasted and the prospect of no recovery is draining all moral.

    All the best.


  • lol & I thought my hubby was the only Leeds fan , I will have to tell him there is another ;)


  • Sadly there are a lot of us waiting for a return to the Premiership. I hope I dont have to wait as long for recovery!!

  • Hi doodie

    I totally sympathise, feel very much the same but just don't seem to know how to get any help. I have found GP's completely unhelpful and have almost resigned myself to not having any kind of life. I look normal on the outside, but am an absolute mess on the inside. I am scared of everything, in a total panic about everything get no pleasure from anything and just feel empty. I seem to particularly have a huge amount of social anxiety and hate having to go out or talk to people, as it just racks up the anxiety by a thousand percent, so I have no friends. Thought maybe I would try this site to see if it helps to talk to people in a virtual world. I too feel it in my chest all the time. It does seem to feel a bit better knowing that I am not the only opne feeling like this, as I usually feel very isolated, hope it is helping you too to get support on here. Best wishes. Debs x

  • Hi Debs

    I have been advised to stay away from Blogs and Anxiety forums as it only drags you further into the the downward spiral. However, I do feel it comforting to know other people have the same thoughts, feelings and sensations. The one in my chest is particularly troublesome as I seem to have it all the time. This seems to trigger more thoughts and so the cycle continues.

    My work colleagues say I look much better (I confided in them) but like you on the inside the torment continues.

    I dont feel qualified to give advice but you must force yourself to go out and meet people. I recently enrolled on a Physical Wellbeing course (over ten weeks) and find the other people friendly and open with their issues. Many are like you Debs. I could not do this a few months ago but have now found the strenght to move out of my comfort zone. Again I'm not a big believer in talking shops but I do get help on breathing exercises and other techniques to abate anxiety. Although these are not working yet I must perservere as it is the anxiety telling me to quit!

    Here's me going on this site for help and end up trying to give someone else advice.

    Debs as you seem to be experiencing everything I did please feel free to reply/post back. As the saying goes its good to talk.

    Take care Doodie (by the way the name is from a cartoon character my son used to love)

  • Hi Doodie, thank you so much for taking the time and trouble to reply, it was really helpful. I think you have been extremely brave to confide in your colleagues, it is so difficult to know where to start to tell anyone about this, and the way that you have found the strength to open up to people must show that you are making great progress towards tackling your fears. I hope they provide comfort and support to you.

    The fact that you are able to give me some help shows that these forums are not all negative at all, I think it makes sense that people going through similar experiences can understand each other and offer advice that has worked for them. I am not sure what a Physical Wellbeing course is - I'll have a look on-line in a minute and checkout what's available near me, so thanks for that.

    I dont know if my chest thing is the same as yours or not, but for years I thought that I had some kind of heart problem, and that I was going to die. I did have ECGs and tests and the doctors were adamant that my heart was fine. I thought that that knowledge would be comforting and help the feeling to go away, since I knew it must be emotional/stress related. However, I can't say that it has sorted the problem out. I guess I now know what it is, so don't think it's my heart, but the symptom is still there and it's not nice to live with and I know what you mean about it triggering more anxious thoughts. I also just want to say that I also know what you mean about song lyrics in your head making things worse - I have that problem too, and just can't stop it! I try meditation techniques and breathing exercises but they sneak back in as soon as I stop.

    Anyway, I hope you've had a good day, it really is a case of taking it one day at a time, and eventually you will be able to look back and see how far each day's small steps have taken you. Debs x

  • Hi Debs

    I found Meetup great for alerting me to groups, for anxiety and other issues, in my local vacinity. Go onto Google and type in Meetup you can then access the site and ask for details of groups or forums for anxiety in your area. You will then be given details of courses/groups that may be appropriate.

    Let me know how you get on.

    Best Wishes Doodie.

  • hello people i am a new person,on this sight.You people are so lovely.Iam suffering from severe anxiety and have been for the last 10 years.Tried everything under the sun.At the moment I am very very ill. Please help.

  • Start a blog & tell us all about you , people will see it better if you start a blog & you will get some advice




  • will do thankyou

  • Hi x I have always been a nervous awkard person I remember even in juniors and secondary school during exam time I use to b sick and have to do them in a private room. Also any public speaking or interview would scare me and tip me over the edge. After a health scare over three weeks ago which lead to my first full blown aniexty attack which like most thought I was having a heart attack. It's completely knocked me of my feet my heart was racing for first week so scared to eat or sleep and constantly thinking I'm dying. I was always on edge n jumped at the slightest noise. I have beeb sick stomach ache head aches hot flushes shakes struggle to breath, dizzy spells etc Also ive felt detached from the world n its like ive been looking through a glass window. Its been a real struggle. I've been in n out of a n e n doctors..had bloods n stuff but all comes back to my aniexty. I'm on my third week n still dont feel right xx good luck n stay strong.

  • I'm the same. It only happens to me 1s a year but its a horrible feeling I always wake up thinking about how unwell I feel. But if I'm doing something it goes away but when I'm not doing anything I go back to thinking how I feel. I constantly think about my breathing and if my chest feels tight.

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