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suffering from anxiety disorder and dizziness

hi everyone!i m from india and i am having anxiety disorder from last 2 years.

My age is 22 years.From 1 and half months i am having dizziness very excessively

The psychatrist i am consulting earlier is not good and he said only that i am taking stress thats why dizziness is happeningBut i am not taking any stress.now i am back to my previous psychatrist.His medicine is good and i am well now not fully but about 75% allright.When i talk to someone i feel like am forgetting myself and losing myself.This kind of dizzines i am having.

Its been 1 and half month but dizziness is there inspite of taking medicine it have not reduced fully.So what shoud i do?

will i have to suffer from tis dizziness upto my whole life.?

please help me.


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This may seem unrelated but are you vegetarian? - just wondering because you are in india.

B12 is only found in food so if your diet doesn't contain much meat/fish/dairy/egg then you will become deficient and the symptoms of a B12 deficiency include anxiety and dizziness.

Doctors tend to look for a particular form of anaemia - macrocytosis - in which blood cells are slightly rounder and larger than normal - and if this isn't present then it may not occur to them to look into B12 deficiency but at least 30% of people develop other symptoms before anything like that shows up in the blood - I had 40+ years of anxiety and depression that went after discovering I had a problem absorbing B12 from my diet which had lead to being deficient.

In most countries dietary deficiencies are quite uncommon but the prevalence in countries with significant vegetarian poplutations is much higher ... even if you do eat meat you may still have an absorption problem.

You can find a full list of symptoms of B12 deficiency here


and there's a lot of support on the PAS forum on health unlocked



thanks for your reply.but i donot take fish,meat,egg on regular basis.I am somewhat anaemic but thats not the cause of this dizziness i think.

When i walk or talk to someone on the road or street i feel like i am losing myself,forgetting the person to which i am talking.what to do?my psychatrist prescribed me etilam medicine for 10 days and also escilatopram.I am taking this medicine from 7 days and some relief is there from this dizziness and weakness but not full relief.so the medicine will take time to settle?What do you say?


please ask your psychiatrist to test your B12 levels. B12 affects a lot of systems in the body - including the functioning of the central nervous system.

Your diet is very low in B12 making a deficiency very likely.

When I was very B12 deficient I found that I would get very dizzy when I was only my feet but I was quite comfortable riding a bike. I found that being with a lot of people was very difficult because I could not filter out noises and it was like everyone was shouting at me. I also found that remembering names and even remember the thread of a conversation I was having were very difficult.


but i dont think i have B12 deficiency.what should i eat then?


should i start taking vitamin B12 riched foods?


if I understood you correctly you said that you don't eat much meat/fish/dairy and egg.

The body does store significant amounts of B12 in your liver and is very efficient at using and recycling B12 so the amount you need each day is actually very small and it can take a long time to become deficient from your diet ...

the only natural sources of B12 are animal products so if you don't have any in your diet then you will eventually become deficient, but it will take quite a while.

you should be able to get B12 supplements quite easily and that may help you feel better - they aren't going to be expensive, and B12 isn't dangerous but I would avoid taking really high dose tablets at this point - you need about 2.4mcg a day - so look for somethihg that is 3-4 x this amount to start off with and see how it goes.

I would also recommend mentioning it to your doctor.

If this doesn't make any difference then I would suggest asking your doctor to do a blood test to rule out deficiency caused by an absorption problem.

It may be that it is something else that is going on but it is also something that it is easy to rule out ... and would be cheaper to treat than continuing to take antidepressants.


anxiety disorder ( consult your doctor go get your heart rate checked)

vertigo (get your ears checked)

vitamin b12 deficiency

i can only think of these three in your case .. nothing to worry about .. they all go away eventually anyways


no problem in my ears bro.


1year before also same dizziness was there


it is defiantly anxiety , change in diet can help tho


but doctor had given me medicine and its effective somewhat.


Anti depressants ?


yes etilam and escitalopram


Alright whatever you do do not stop taking them without the doctor advice . Pills do hep if they suit you tho..


yes bro.doctor had said that it will get settled.


Anti depressants take Ike a week or so to kick in .. have patience . It will be all fine :)


okay you mean that this dizziness will go away after some days may be even a month.from7 days i have been taking medicines and some relax is there upto 60%


should i start taking eggs and b12 riched foods and see the results?


Don't tel e you don't eat eggs . An egg in the breakfast is must


and there is some sort of dirt in my ears.i will go to ENT in some days for cleaning it


Yup do that bro ..


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