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Just thought I'd drop by and say hello

I've only posted once before but I do read posts and the lovely support you all give. I've now been in my meds for 4 weeks and my anxieties do seem to be more manageable but my bed seems to be my enemy and if I do have a panic attack it is usually then. My husband is brilliant and I just put on the tv until it passes, can't take anything in that I'm watching but it is a distraction. I still feel very ashamed of my condition for some reason and don't like people to know which is ridiculous I know. My kids (grown up) know as does my close friend but I got a bit boozy last night at my own BBQ and think I told some of my other friends and no wish I hadn't. Beer fear is awful! Oh and had a panic attack at 3am.....

I hope you are all dong ok. This is such a horrid condition xxx

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Hello Angel

So pleased to see you saying hello , I hope when you have the time & feel like it , you will talk to us , the more the merrier as they say ;)

You sound like you are doing really well , I am pleased you have found it a help reading the posts

I no what you mean as well about the TV been on , but nothing going in , the times someone has asked me what happened in so & so I I say havnt a clue , but I had it on , the main thing is though , like you say its a distraction & you have found a way to help you through these attacks

I am pleased you have a understanding hubby who gives support thats another huge help





Hi Angel I know wat u mean about ur bed being ur enemy as last year dreaded my bed as it was where I was most relaxed and the thinking would start and then the panic attack wud come. I just dreaded the night. My OH as been good fromday one and it's comforting that he trys to understand. I was scared at first to tell friends how I felt and what was up. Now I will speak to anyone about to it and alot of them understand. Some have been thou it in the past. It's alot more common then I thought. There's alot of people round me this last year and half that I found out have suffered it in the past or r still suffering it. The girls next door had and the woman over the road. I wud be very surprised if there isn't at least a few of ur friends that haven't suffered it at some point xxx


Hi Angel,

Lovely to hear from you :)

I can usually control the panic during the day but at night it's a whole different story. It seems to take so much longer to settle yourself in the middle of the night. I'm glad you have your husband there to support you.

Please keep posting.




Hello Angel

My daughter has been sleeping on the sofa with the tv on all night for the past 4 months, for the same reason. It's awful when you dread trying to sleep isn't it.

Beer fear, hmmm been there lol. Please don't worry yourself about it, I'm sure you're not the first person your friends have come across with such difficulties. May even help them be more understanding, there's really no harm done.

Glad the meds seem to be helping, take care



Thank you for your replies and support, means a lot. Had a better night last night, but struggling with being tired since been in meds. Dare say my body will get used to them, been about 5 weeks now though so thought it would settle a bit by now.

Hope everyone is ok and well tonight x


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