From a panickly attacked person whose been where you are and hoping to help by showing your not alone

Hello it's my first time on here so a bit of introduction 58yr old bloke I've been dealing with panic attacks of varying intensity on and off for 35yrs. So you can see even my really bad ones are not life threatening even though they seem so at the time the bad ones by the way usually end in a call for the paramedics and a trip to the hospital which I feel awful for afterwards but as a sufferer of heart disease and angina deciding whether it's a panic attack or heart attack is a poser for me as I've had one of those as well . As I say I've had them for 35yrs but l'l tell you about the time since my heart attack 3yrs ago my panic attacks are mainly at night I'd go to bed lie down and either fall asleep, rarely or as soon as my head hit the pillow off we would go got to get up cant breathe got to get out usually taking the dog as I rushed out the door and walk round all night until I'd settle down sometimes coming back to home and basically turning round and going out again the dog by the way loved it or getting in the car and driving up and down motorways or round country lanes till exhausted I had to return home but all the while racing thoughts fear I was dying all that but I never did so after I'd always feel daft for being this way I've been drs councillors everything but the trouble is the bloody things don't show up on x rays or in blood tests so their hard to explain to non chronic sufferers but if someone tells me about them having one I usually end up helping them to deal with them but I havnt found the answer to solve my own yet but I will I've set myself the task of going through a really bad panic attack without resorting to paramedics or going up the drs as soon as they open in the morning so wish me luck as I wish you luck dealing with yours all the best to you enjoy the times when we're not panicking . Phew that's done I've wrote it if you've read it thanks I think we deserve a cup of tea or whatever dont you


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  • HI and welcome sorry to hear you have been suffering for such a long time it is lovely to say you will try and help others i hope you eventually find some kind of cure and i wish you all the luck in the world x

  • Hello and thanks for the welcome hope your well my first post was a snapshot of dealing with this there are other anxiety problems as well I might get to another day but as I said we're all fighting with this sometimes it wins sometimes we win but the reason I've had it so long was because I never sought help until recently but if I can be here for somebody because believe me I know how bad the bad ones can be the thinking your dying ones which I've had on and off for 35yrs and I'm still here as one dr told me if anything was seriously wrong with me I'd be dead by now well I'm not and thankfully for some folks this does go away and finding this site with decent folks on it looks like being a good thing to help get things off my mind ps i'l try not to be so long winded in future posts LoL .best to you and again thanks for the welcome....Mel

  • Hello Mel, thank you for sharing this. We sound to be the same age and had this problem for same amount of time. Any information is valuable to us sufferers lol. I think this site is wonderful! I found it last week and have felt so much better since reading others are like me. Sometimes you get to thinking you are totally alone ....which is certainly not the case x

  • Hi

    Thank you for your post.It made me feel better.I hate panick attacks but I m struggling to deal with them even though I m trying my best.I know where u re coming from!

    Have a lovely day

  • hello are not alone as you probably know... Its a horrible thing anxiety.. But at least you are fighting it ! I also have them when stressed in my sleep.. I am one of the lucky ones though and am ok ish at the moment..Good luck with whatever methods you try.. I like meditating and mindfulness x

  • Glad it made you feel better I know what it's like it's not something we have to deal with alone if you have a good friend who listens helps or even a site like this is great some where you can get out of the panic zone get your thoughts off the panic attacks and the anxiety even by talking or writing about it to people in the same boat who understand thanks for the reply and you know next time your going through one know your not alone good luck

  • I just want to say to all of you who are commenting a huge thanks and wish you all well

  • hi been suffering for a few years now. I find Dr Claire Weeks books very helpful in reasuring me that I am not going to die from a panick attack. I find that sometimes its easy to deal with then other times its very hard. any tips.

  • Hello thanks for reading tips you need i'l try with a few soon as you feel one starting get out of the zone if you've got a pet get em over and play with them . If having them at night don't eat too late and try to avoid high salt foods or adding salt to food it bumps your blood pressure up making your pulse rate shoot up and you start to feel anxious because your hearts beating faster and you start sweating and other symptoms join in sound familiar During the day take a steady walk if you got a good mate who knows your problem ask them if they mind you calling them when you feel one coming on and after if your feeling better thank em for being a good mate for listening write down your experience as your having one try to find the triggers that starts them off and above all remember they can go away I've been having them on and off for yrs and im still here iv had some good times and ive had some bad times when i really thought i was dying and as you can see i didnt and next day i felt a right wally for letting it get a hold of me enjoy the times when there off hope some of these help here's hoping your well

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