The panic is back...damn it Chloe! !

I suffered really bad with anxiety from about the age of 19 until I was about 32. Then it seemed to go away. . I still got mild anxiety but the absolute horror of a full on panic attack seemed to disappear. Earlier this year I was diagnosed with very high blood pressure. I've since started thinking a lot about my health etc. Then about 2 months ago I suffered a horrific attack whilst driving on a motorway with my 2 kids in the back. Ever since the anxiety is getting worse, and now I'm beginning to have them everyday, and especially at work. This is a nightmare as I work in a customer facing environment. ...

So I'm being proactive. ...Instead of suffering another decade of fear I'm going to do everything in my power to conquer this...I've done it before and I WILL do it again. ....

This is where you guys come in. I know that the 12 step programme used by A A. ..and other addiction groups works. I've seen it work in my own family. The condition is never healed but kept in check through sharing your thoughts and feelings with other addicts. So who wants to give this ago? I'm not sure of the format yet (suggestions welcome) ...Facebook is about as technical as I get...although it may work on this site? Let's class ourselves as Panic Addicts. ...and I'm sure we can get through this if we share our hopes and experience....


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  • I'm right there with you. I've had anxiety for a decade now. I'm 34 by the way. My anxiety has consistently been Health driven, but the symptoms have changed over time. I have been as bad as Agorophobic /panic ridden to where I am now, which is just a constant state of mild anxiety. About two years ago I believe I also started developing depression as well. I have intrusive thoughts, breathing issues, tight chest, head pressure and a general feeling of unwell. I am currently med free, but have tried SSRI in the past. I suppose trying to talk our way out of this living hell is as good as any. cheers

  • It is debilitating. ..and it's so annoying kind of knowing there is nothing physically wrong, yet at the same time, the attacks are physical. I'm just sat on my train for work...and feeling slightly anxious. But I looked on a website last night called and the guys story was almost exactly the same as mine. I downloaded his ebook but haven't ordered the CDs yet. Today I'm going to use the tsunami method if I feel one coming on. Where in the world are you? Are most people on here from the US?

  • Is the guy from the Ilovepanicattacks is his name Geert?

  • Yes, that's the guy....have you heard him?

  • Yes I have his CD,s. He is actually quite good. They have helped me. :)

  • I saw you have hypertension. It's the same for me. I take meds for it and also use a CPAP. I finally have it under control.

  • I am getting better. I am off xanax and the dizziness and light headed feeling in my head has gone away. I have costochondritis and when i do aggressive workouts I still get chest pains which scare me a bit. But I have gone through all of this and learned to pray more. I read my bible alot more and I have a closer relationship with God. I dont know about anyone, but I think that has helped me to heal faster... I also read and internalise Louise Hays daily affirmations they help me remember that life is a gift and instead of going through it worried and stressed everyday. We should appreciate each day we are given and give God the Creator thanks continuously.

  • I agree that a spiritual way of life maybe a great way to combat this. ..If we have faith and an ability to let go of our problems and thoughts then I reckon that will be half the battle.

  • I agree that a spiritual way of life maybe a great way to combat this. ..If we have faith and an ability to let go of our problems and thoughts then I reckon that will be half the battle.

  • I am in the US. Hang in there. Hope the e books work.

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