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Cookies in Chaos

Dear Admin,

What the flip is occuring? This site is an absolute shambles today and causing numerous friends uns anted stress and anxiety.

I know it's a bank holiday and the sun is shining and no one wants to be in the office BUT...

Can someone quickly nip away from the beer garden and come to our aid.

I smell gremlins at work so pretty please with a Cherry on top, can you help us, we are seriously getting annoyed with it.

Love and here's hoping,

Cookie and Co xxxxxxx

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And that was unwanted stress, bloody I pad playing up too lol


It has made my already high stress level peak at times. We all use this site as an outlet and to talk to our friends and others about how we are feeling as it helps. When that line of communication is not working properly its annoying. Hope this gets sorted soon or we may have to storm the support office in force lol.


Yes me to & while you are at it my messages would be handy , I would like to answer them !!




I've been stressed out of my brain (what's left of it!) all day (Monday) - and this site going belly - up has made it worse!!!! :(

Warning: AnxietyUK site can cause anxiety!!!! :'(

Climbing (up the wall) Rose



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