Cookies Bad Rep Rap x

This Rap ( with a silent C ) is to be beatboxed for full effect

Lets dooo this

i just had a well big battle wiv my neighbour

finkin he is some kind of cheesy quaver

cranking his tunes at a crazy pitch

he didnt realize he woz messin wiv dis bitch

he fought he woz clever tryin to break through my walls

well come on you pussyhole you aint got the balls

comin at me wiv your woofers and your tweeters

i aint even up to number 5 on my speakers

look out boi now your mummys coming home

turn off your playlist and pretend your on your phone

my system is the boss oh now dont be a hater

go and have some sweeties mate ill play wiv you later

and its all gone quiet over there lol xxx

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28 Replies

  • We'll have to start call you rap master C

  • lol, yeah with my backup the cookie crew ( the Cats lol )

    the lad done my head in. they blast it out. i wouldnt mind but its sh**e lol xxx

  • Maybe you can convince whywhy to join the crew we can call her Why-I-am lol

  • ROFL, nice one, we could be the support band for the real thing in December.mmm shall i e mail him lol xxx Then again, the close proximity on stage between why and will would worry me silly lol xxx

  • I thought you'd like that. Yeah I recon so call your self the Cat eye peas lol. Yeah why may jump will and you may well be arrested or she may just kidnap him you'll have to be the get away driver lol

  • Ok fair enough you do know they'll be able to use this blog against us as evidence though don't you lol

  • ermm, may have to continue under cover then & deny all


  • Let me have that worry Cookster ...or should we say Will-i-am , would be his worry I feel ;;;you email him , tell him all about me , but lie a bit & be kind :D


  • You are now know as Why-I-am :-p

  • Yea , Why-I-am here I think :D

  • Cookie

    Is this in humor :D

    Thought you were moving your bedroom around :D

    What time you going to sleep so I can relax :p

    Love ya

    Well done a very good rap , you could be on stage with my Will-i-am ;)


  • lol, i aint been to sleep and have no intentions of doing so. the bedroom was gonna get done then the new neighbour wound me right up so im having a coffee and aome fags then ill get crackerlackin xxx

  • i put it in off topic and it still turns up here i dont get it? can anyone enlighten a dim cookie lol

  • Yes the one thats in here from me saying Humor , lora has explained look :o see if you can understand it mate :p


  • Tell me what time is bed time will you :D


  • Cookster you rock hun {{{hugs}}}

    You are a queen of poetry and rap go girl!!!! Now after your fags and coffee get some shut eye cos whywhys nerves are frazzled keeping up with you Zzzzzzz I thought it would be good to go out jogging after work cos I'm stressed at the minute... Got caught in a cracking thunderstorm and I got back squelching hee hee love from a very drippy eve xxx

  • Thanks for the back up Eve , my nerves a rattling here , it needs more than a beady eye when Cookie is about :D


  • My beady eye is still keeping an eye for now.. I'm feeling a bit brighter after my run(albeit a very squelchy run) much love xx

  • Me :o

    "unbelievable " :D

    Glad you feel better Eve


  • I love this. I definitely just did the rap out loud in my room. That is some good lyrics. :-) Loving the new names too Why-I-Am and Cat eye peas. very funny. xx

  • Hi Unsure

    You have followed us in to humor section :D

    Yes Cookie is getting very good with this poetry ;)

    It started of as that & now me trying to kidnap Will-i-am :O

    Whenever you want a smile , join us , well you will either laugh or cry , but we do aim to laugh ;)


  • Are you trying to get Unsure in on our kidnapping plot now Why-I-am lol

  • That's brilliant, made me smile & I didn't think I'd be doing that today


  • thomson , read your post & I am sure you are struggling to smile & I am pleased this helped just a little bit :-/


  • Love your poem Cookster.. it just about sums it up. I hate noisy neighbours. Usd to have them in London. It was so loud the bed and windows would vibrate. The number of time I woke up to it in the middle of the night and was wondering round my flat and debating sleeping in the bath because it was a bit quieter there! You go sort the twat out! :d

    Bev x

  • Hey Cookster.... hows ya doing?? xx

  • Hi Cookie .

    D rap iz well cool init.Wot ur neighbour needs is a good smack 8O

  • O kenny , you are getting into this :D nice to see you in here xxx

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