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Cookies Apocolypse

Hi all,

Roll on the solar flares that will knock all this modern day magic out of the sky, I love the smell of flares in the morning, and I don't mean a hippies trousers lol.

We will all have to sit at our writing desks by candle light and put quill to parchment in order to communicate with each other. Bring it on. Back to playing parlour games as tv will be a no no. I'll miss come dine but not much else :-)

It's quite an awesome thought, how will humanity cope going back to basics. Only the double baked, rock cake bisquits will survive. Aroo, Aroo lol.

Lol, the woman who cooked the roast they were all bitching about has won the £1000 , you go girl :-)

Love cookie xxx

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I'm currently watching a TV show called revolution which is about just that. The electricity dies and nothing that needs it works anymore. So maybe this is the first sign of it actually happening.

We could form our own militia lol


Well we seem to be back on , yet I STILL cant get on to my messages unless I go through my emails

Hope everyone is ok





Yup things seem to have been sorted. That's a pain about your messages. Hopefully that will get back to normal later.

Morning by the way :-)


Morning little Willy

I take it your messages are working then ok ?

Thinking about you ..Good luck

You want ugly ok ;-)



I can get into them and read them yes I just checked.

Thinking of me are you I hope your keeping it clean hahahaha. I'm sure I'll be fine got till 16:00 to build myself up for it lol

I want a pretty lol :-D


Look at you showing of because you can see your messages :-D

I always think of you Willy

Even when you are two timing me , wanting a pretty one ;-)

Well I suppose it will help if they want you on the bed with your breathing , would have helped me more maybe , I might have jumped on had they been handsome :-D

Of course with OCD , how could I possibly not me thinking clean

As if :-D



Not two timing I just think a pretty one will help me relax more. Of course if will help although my breathing might be off if they're to pretty lol.

Naughty whywhy wanting to get on a handsome ones bed ahahah

So your even OCD with your impure thoughts? ;-)


Look at us invading Cookies blog , we are going right of the subject as well :-D

Wonder where she is bless her

She no doubt will have something to say ;-p

Well I am not naughty , a little bit maybe , but have to admit , I may not have refused ;-)

As for your last question , that's for me to no ;-)



She'll be on here later telling us both off lol.

you see you've got me intrigued now :-D


My innocent eyes can't take this. I'm being corrupted and mentally molested by you two lol

If the power goes down, we still have batteries lol xxx see what I mean :-)


Innocent eyes, corrupted not sure if I believe that lol.

So your touch works? :)

How's you today cookie?


Hi will, I'm in the garden today. I feel a tad disjointed today a bit vacant but I think it's down to having a site nights sleep again.

At least I'm outside though :-)

Good luck with your councilling today. Let us know how u go xxx


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