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This is my first time on anything like this, I've always suffered with anxiety, but always suffered in silence, last year I finally spoke up got some meds and a but of group therapy, all was kinda well until I came of the meds the beginning of this year, slowly it's back, I've had several night terrors, 4 weeks into a new job they have got worse, I'm being sick all the time, not sleeping, not eating, crying all the time I seriously can't face work, I feel like I've set myself up to fail trying to start fresh, I went to a walk in centre the doc was so caring gave me 4 days of diazepam told me to see my GP for a sick note and some new meds, yesterday I saw a doctor, who seemed very un caring told me to come of the diazepam, she's given no other meds and has referred to me to a councillor that can take 4 weeks, any advice on what I can do as I can't wait that long I'm a wreck !

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Welcome specialspecs

Its a first for most of us joining a site , so dont worry you will soon get used to it & see you are not alone & what lovely people are on here ready to give support where they can

This does happen sometimes , that when people come of meds after a while they can go down a little , but you can & will get back up again :)

Now that GP . doesnt sound very good at all , some do have this attitude , which is of no help when we are suffering :o

I would without doubt as 4 weeks is a while , go back to the surgery & see another GP , hopefully they will be more understanding , lots of us have had this problem & had to do the same , just explain , even though you are on the list , you need help in the meantime & if you feel meds will help , tell them

Keep talking on here & let us no how you go on





Thank you for the support, I just feel like a failure that I'm having to go back to square one again, and is it normal or recommended to not work, if it is work making me ill, the doctor said I should go to work being off work will do nothing but the other doctor said I need time off work to make myself better again and to be honest the time off work is making me less anxious, because I know I'm not having to deal with the anxiety, is that leading me down a bad path ?


Please you are not a failure , well I must be then as well , but no I am not , none of us are

Your anxiety is telling you that as when we are low are thoughts are very negative & we can struggle , to see the positives , but you will again , give time

I dont think there is any right or wrong , you have to do what is best for you , now as two doctors seem to have said different , the one that didnt seem to be very helpful , saying you need to be at work , but the other saying time of will help , if thats what you feel will be best for you & you can get a sick note , take that time of & dont feel guilty , as there is nothing to feel guilty about :o



Hi Specialspecs

Whywhy is right , you have no need to say your a failure. Having two conflicting opinions from your GPs is not right, if you feel you need to take time off work and get yourself sorted out so be it.It is better to take a little time off now than do nothing and end up on long term sick.You have nothing to feel guilty about, the job will be there long after you have gone and your health must always come first , believe me I am talking from experience try and see the doctor you agree with.

all the best Kenny-w :)


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