Doctor's Appointment

Had to go back to the Doctor's today regarding my medication the usual Doctor who is so understanding has left :) she gave me hope and understood what i was feeling.

Anyway the Doctor today made me feel awful have been signed off work again but she is determined to phase me back into work. She had no understanding of my feelings and anxiety I tried to explain my only means of getting to work is by bus taking not far off an hour plus i have problems going out. She was like and what's the problem? Could not believe what i was hearing to be honest.

I came out the Doctor's with my Mother who is in her 80's and decided to get the bus back home instead of a taxi.

I managed to do this :) think because i was so angry with the Doctor.

Hope your having a good day everyone.

Love Seyi xxx


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15 Replies

  • Sorry Seyi

    There are some doctors that are not understanding , had one myself not so long ago & it is upsetting

    Next time could you try another one , till you find one that does understand , we can see who we want at ours , so if I get a nasty one i dont go back to that one again !

    Good for you though getting on that bus ..well done




  • Hi whywhy well done on your visit to the hospital glad you are getting your eye sorted out will give you more confidence :) (big hugs).

    I was furious this morning these Doctors don't realize what a big step even going to the surgery let alone being sarcastic. Felt like saying hope you never experience what i do on a daily basis

    I was annoyed as she well knew and could have cried but i thought noway. Will try and get an appointment with another Doctor.

    Thanks for you comment appreciate having good friends on here does help.

    Love Seyi xxx

  • Honestly had the same with a doctor , a woman at that over my eyes , she was so cruel , said yes i could refer you , but i am not ! how cruel

    Went to see another & now look I am getting them done eventually , so dont give up love

    Thank you for your comments




  • Thanks whywhy i wont give up :)

    Love Seyi xx

  • Hey Seyi sorry to hear about your experience today it's a shame some doctors are not so understanding when it come to things like anxiety. I've just made an appointment with my doctor for next week reagarding my anxiety. I hope I have a better experience than you just have. Thankfully my doctor has always been really helpful so fingers crossed. I agree with what whywhy said you should try other doctors until you find th right fit for your needs. Congrats for getting on the bus. I hope your day improves.

    Willrich x

  • Thank you willrich i will request another Doctor as she really shattered my confidence. I am sure your GP will be fine we just have a big turn over of staff and never see the same once twice.

    Hope you have a good day also

    Love Seyi xxx

  • Bless you Seyi,

    What a heartless b&@ch, I hate doctors like that. What's the problem, you should have said, your my problem now lol maybe not eh. :-)

    I'm dreading my doc saying that to me, mentioning the W word. The thought of going to an interview, selling myself, nooooooo, I don't think so, nooooooo. I'll have to start painting so I can work from home lol.

    You have a right to see as many as it takes untill you find a doctor suitable for your needs.

    Don't let them fob you off.

    Bless you Sayi. I hope you are ok

    Love xxxxxxCookie

  • Oh bless you cookie you did make me laugh with the comments i was a bit slow on my reply. Will remember that for the next time hahahahah.

    Just wish some Doctor's would take a more understanding approach.

    Do they think people enjoy suffering in this way.

    Thanks again i am sitting here laughing reading your comment again.

    Nice to have good people here

    Love Seyi xxxx

  • Your one of them my friend. Take heart and try not to worry too much xxxxx

  • Ah i too have a good doc but one week he was off and was desoerate to go so i went to see another he too had no idea of the way i was feeling and basically told me to jog on and deal with it he wouldnt prescribe me anything i was more upset and thought he really doesnt kniw how i feel how could he he never suffered with it the way we have so i went home and pre booked for my normal doctor week after he always listens and explains and doesnt hush me out of room when you had 10 mins like most do so know how you feel sometimes i feel like saying i hope you one day suffer the way we do you just might have sympathy and at least some actual understanding of the illness hope you ok now hun xxxx

  • I agree sheffield the Doctor's have no real idea of what it feels like suffering with panic attacks anxiety etc,. You feel less stressed if the Doctor takes time to listen to how your feeling.

    Still be another month before i go back thank goodness.

    Thanks so much for your comment and i am feeling a little calmer no i have had a moan.

    Best wishes

    Love Seyi xxx

  • I think you are so lucky if you find a good doctor, I think most of them just try to get you in and out as quick as possible. The hospital my son is under asked me to get the gp to send them a copy of a letter once. When I asked the gp he nearly had a meltdown, said don't they understand how hard he works, can I not see the pile of work on his desk, he comes in at 7 and goes home at 7, I ended up saying you sound like you're under a lot of stress, I think he needed some counselling ....!

  • Hi Kaz sometimes these Doctors have no patience and should not be in the job.

    Did make me laugh about the counselling :).


    Love Seyi xxx

  • Hope you are feeling better today,just got back from doc's myself and you get the feeling they are thinking 'just pull yourself together woman' ;) Unless you have a doctor who has had anxiety and knows the desperation we feel I very much doubt they would ever understand what is like to feel anxious most of the time!! Chin up Buddy xxx

  • Thank you for the comment yes i am feeling better but angry with the doctor for no patience or understand. I said to her Do you think i enjoy being this way? no comment from her obviously.

    Thanks for the comment take care

    Love Seyi xxx

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