Good afternoon everyone

First I would like to thank all that replied to my post yesterday, it was uplifting to me and by the end of the day, I went to sleep with no trouble. Not good today though still got loads of tension to head shoulders and neck, the pain is terrible, body is weak, ad feeling very ill as if I have flu or something, but I haven't . Also what I find odd is that I keep getting a bad taste in my mouth and my hands keep going white, does anybody else get these bits? Anyway thank you again to you all, and I hope you are all having a better day.




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  • Afternoon Bonnie

    Sorry you are still not feeling so good

    Try & remember your new meds will not be working yet & the change from one to another can take a while to settle

    You had a very stressful day yesterday & coped really well , but when I have days like yours , it can leave me so drained afterwards & takes so much out of me , I can feel ill the rest of the week !

    This could be another reason you feel like you do today

    The taste in your mouth , could be the meds , maybe a side effect & will go , also another possibility could be you are coming down with something , like a virus , that can give that metal taste you talk about

    Your headaches & neck pain sound like tension , i get both , again until I start to relax , it doesnt go & even pain killers dont help

    I am sure nothing bad is happening , maybe give it till the end of the week & if you really dont feel any better you could ask your GP

    Try not to fear how you feel , & rest like you would if you had flu or something


  • Thank you whywhy, the bad taste in my mouth can be there with nausea ,and has done this for a few months now. and hands are going white a lot, I think that maybe have a gastric prob due to not eating proper for a long time, my stomach always feels rough, and yes was a very bad day yesterday, the same today except without his mush on the door step , I hope you are well today whywhy and taking it easy. thank you very much for yesterday.




  • Like "without his mush on the door step " lol

    Yes Bonnie alot of us that suffer with anxiety , seem to have stomach problems , we dont always eat as well as we should & then when we do , through been anxious , we dont digest our food as well , this does start causing gastric problems

    I used to have this really bad , even was on meds for it , then its not cheap but someone told me a spoonful of Manuka 10+ honey a day helps , so I started taking it

    Now the meds are in the bin & my stomach has been the best it has in years !! most days I just take a teaspoon , other days I might take two , but it has worked

    Costs about 12 pounds a jar , but lasts up to 3 weeks which works out at 4 pounds a week , which as I have found it so good , I think I am worth 4 pounds a week lol

    I no its hard when you feel anxious to eat , but even if its only small amounts try & concentrate on eating , can upset your stomach taking meds with not alot in your stomach & they say meds work better with food as well

    You can come on here & tell us what you have eaten for the day & we can try & encourage you if you like :-)


  • Thank you whywhy you are so kind, where did you get the manuka from? With food my daughter gets it for me as I don't bother, I don't seem to get the hunger pangs anymore, and when she does bring it, I look at it, and my thoughts are I do not want it, then I think ok just do what you can, then I just get what I can down as quick as I can. I don't enjoy any of it, its tastless to me.

    Just latley I tell her just a piece of toast or a Weetabix, no dinners or veg, cant face dinners, so maybe this why I have prob with stomach, I also wont sit up and eat what I do, I lay down , as wen I sit up head always whoozie, so I avoid sitting up.




  • Have you tried doing on line Tesco food shopping ?

    They charge 3 or 4 pounds delivery , which for me is still cheaper than bus fair

    Thats where I get mine from & honey

    Also you will get indigestion bad if you are not sitting up to eat (shocked face )

    I no how hard it can be to eat when you just dont feel like it

    Even if you dont want to shop on line for food , you could look & it might give you ideas what you might fancy , other than what your daughters bring

    Well jetser , did you see his post , he is doing on friday , a post where we say 1 to 3 positive things we have done each week

    Would be lovelt=y if when I look yours says you have eaten a little more & sat at the table (winking face )

    It may feel strange & an seffort to do so at first , but it will be worth it

    Try hun & post & tell me if you manage it :-)

    Have a look though online , there is Sainsburys & Asda as well , it might give you some food ideas


  • The shopping is done online , loads of nice food, I tell my daughter what I want to eat, she never happy about it, but I cant seem to look a proper dinner in the face, I suppose you can get out of the habit of eating proper when you feel ill everyday. I will try the positive thing on a Friday, I have posted a bit bout me and my children and dogs on there for now. The laying down all the time came from my head and the vertigo I did it to avoid dizziness and have been doing it ever since, I think that maybe why now that when I try to sit up my head is whoozie. Thank you whywhy for your help,




  • Well maybe for now tell your daughter , even though you appreciate that she is trying to get you to eat , that you are going to try & get a few bits what you fancy

    I have vertigo , its not as bad now , mainly if I get a cold , so I no how that feels , are the docs not helping you with that

    If you tell them all , they should be doing more

    It is the habit that we can get into ,but slowly chip a bit away , no rush , just a bit at a time


  • For the vertigo I was suppose to see a ENT doc on the 9th july but could not face going, got to make another appointment tomorrow. the ting is there are meds for vertigo, however you cant take them with antdepressants




  • I no its not easy . I dont like going out as you no , but when it comes to the hospital & health I have to force myself its not easy , but again we will help

    Make that appointment , thats another positive lol & post when it is coming up , sp people can try & support you

    They are ENT , so let them look & they are the experts , they must come across people that are taking antdepressants before & i am sure will have another option

    Your positive list is growing :-D


  • Yes would be good idea to see what the can do, I did have the eplay treatment in the beginning , but two days later I collapsed in Tesco, and from that day it all started, spent two mnths in bed, crawled the floor to the loo, and while in bed anxiety symptoms started. so I am a bit put off having that again.




  • I can understand that putting you of I would feel the same

    When you go though you can explain this to them 7 i am sure they will reassure you

    Make your appointment hun

    (smiley face )


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