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Just venting. Today I had an interview for a leasing consultant position. I quit the part time job the same week I started because I wasn't ready so I figured I would give it another go and job hunt again. I was having anxiety all day thinking about the interview and then while I was there I had a panic attack right while being interviewed by 2 managers. I don't think they noticed but as they walked me out I think one of the managers noticed my hands were shaking but I just acted like I was holding the door open for them. The lights were dim inside, it was so hot in there I could barely breathe and I'm already having upset stomach and shortness of breath which made me go in to panic mode. To make matters worse my skirt was pressing in to my belly button omg it was so crazy smh. And it was an hour long interview. So I got to the car and my Mom was waiting, I was telling her I'm coming down from a panic attack and I can tell it was a total buzz kill. I just want it to stop.


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  • I am so sorry this happened to you and during an interview. I must say that you were VERY brave...and showed great courage. Some would have run out, and I kid you not. I had NEVER had a full blown panic attack in "public" before until last happened to be in my cardiologists office when he was examining I think he understood, but I was mortified. I admire you for going to an are strong, you will have good days and BAD (like me) Today my nausea was so bad I couldn't stop crying and either walked around the house or lay in bed. I'm still taking the naturopathic aids, but finding 2 of the shakes a day too much on my stomach. I will discuss it with her next visit. Hang in there Tanae!

  • Hi Thank You, I was terrified lol. I wanted to get up and walk out but instead I just sat there and prayed that they would stop talking and end the interview. My first panic was last month leaving that job. I always thought I was having panic attacks until I had a real one and it was horrible. Are the shakes making you more nauseous than you were before? That's terrible if so. How long do you have to wait to see the naturopath?

  • No the shakes don't seem to be making me more nauseated, but ARE filling up my stomach to the point of where I don't want to eat and wonder if I can get the 2nd one into me. I would have been terrified I would pass out. I know many people say you cannot pass out with a full blown panic attack, but I have had the black spots flash before my eyes, ringing in the ears and tunnel vision...and had to lie flat with feet I tend to think I am one who might pass out and oh my how humiliating it would be! I was given "Tranquility" drops from naturopath to take 3x a day in juice or water....taste like apple...not bad....also enzyme CoQ10......I've invented a new shake..."Saw Dust" Shake lol

  • That's how I felt, like I was going to pass out, tingling in my head, black spots, tunnel vision, echoed voices and very shortness of breath. Now I'm still feeling it in my stomach and I'm just exhausted.

  • oh my I can relate....last time that happened to me I was lucky. We were at our daughters at the dining room table for supper and panic hit.....and they got me to the couch and flat with feet elevated....I don't even want to think about it happening in public!!!

  • Yea it's a lot. What are tranquility drops? I'm curious lol

  • here is the link on line but I bought mine at the naturopath's office

    You can also go to a health food store and try Rescue Remedy...drops to put in liquid to hopefully calm you if used regularly....can even be used on pets lol (not as expensive) I've never noted any great help from them but some swear by it....I will continue with the Tranquility

  • Thanks

  • Nevermind I just Googled it. Those might actually work for you because it has GABA in it. My Mom took Gaba and she went back to normal, I believe the Gaba helped her

  • I've taken it for 2 1/2 days now if it's going to help I hope sooooooooooooooooooooon

  • Please let me know if you feel any difference. I would love to try it as well.

  • will do

  • You should have just explained what was happening. I had an anxiety attack in an interview and told the woman interviewing me what was happening, she said it's ok I suffer from something similar !. We sat talking about it after it had passed, her's started after her divorce. I said because I was a man it made it feel worse because the stigma and people seeing it as weakness, she understood.

  • You're right, I just didn't feel comfortable at the time. I had so many different thoughts lol

  • I know it's difficult. People are just the same as you, sometimes the very same !!.

  • So true, I met this lady recently, and I would telling her about the anxiety and surprisingly she explained what she went through years ago which was identical to what I'm battling. She was a complete strangers but for some reason we engaged in a conversation and I opened up about what I'm experiencing (something I never do outside of this forum). I was so happy to know there is hope, and she overcame it without medicine.

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