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Good Afternoon

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So I'm a bit anxious because tomorrow I'll be starting a new part time job as I have been out of work for a little while. It's not in the Real Estate or Mortgage field which is what I'm used to but it's something to get me out of the house. I keep thinking what if I go in to panic/ anxiety while I'm there. Also, I reinstated my Real Estate license and I'll be back at it next week with the company I've been with for 3 years prior before I got in to this depression mess. I'm hoping everything goes well but I am extremely freaked out. I haven't told my Hubby yet. I wanted to surprise him since he's been working 2 jobs and mainting his business to keep everything afloat while I try and pull myself together. I'm not sure how this is going to go but I'm willing to give it a try. 😣

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I applaud you! If you feel panic creeping in just excuse yourself and go to the washroom. Try running cold water on the backs of your wrists. It is wonderful you have felt well enough to take this step forward. Your husband will be proud of you for trying. All you can do is give it your best shot......if it works out then you are well on your way. If it is too much for you, perhaps you could cut down on hours? Don't even dwell on the worse case scenario until it happens.

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Thank You so much. I will try running the water if I start to panic. If it's too much, I'm not sure what I'll do yet. I hope it's not too much. The hours are from 8am to 1pm it's a small call center setting. I'm hoping this will help me. We shall see.

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my thoughts are with you.....we are not alone

Wow! You should be so proud of yourself for doing this, I hope it all goes well, you can do it! If you feel yourself panicking just take some deep breaths and remember you are in control:)

Peacewithin1 in reply to scxrpio

Thank You so much for the encouragement. I will keep that in mind. I am in control! Thanks again.

I sound just like me. It's been the same way with my husband . I am ready to get back to work but a part of me is a lil scared but I got this I been in health care for 14 years I am starting a job that has nothing to do with health care

Yes My Husband gets on my nerves sometimes but I swear he held it down. This is our first time going through something crazy like this with anxiety and depression. I was applying everyday to jobs and he didn't know. When I told him last night he was smiling ear to ear πŸ˜‚. This job is a little different but it was okay today, towards the end of the day I started having a migraine and panic attack but I kept it to myself and it went away lol. You can do it. Good Luck tomorrow, it will feel good just getting out the house I'm sure lol.

Yes we have been togather 8 years and this is the first time for us but I have had episodes be for right be for we met but it's been a hard 3 months for us being that he didn't understand why I was having panic attack and anxiety and depression. But I am getting better do u have kids, just asking to see how u have dealt with the anxiety and depression with kids

Okay I see. We have been together almost 3 years but just married this past November. This is our first time living together also. A lot of changes have come. His House caught on fire in November also, We were supposed to live together there but instead had to stay at my apartment which was okay but Neither of us have kids yet. I never really had kids in my plans but He wants one so that's a little stressful for me lol. He's very understanding about me not wanting kids for my own personal reasons. We discussed it way in the beginning of our relationship and he didn't want kids at that time but his heart changed a little. It's all good tho.

Oh how sweet well I have kids I had three be for I met my husband and we lost a lil boy in 09 so I was done I was like ok three is good but in 2013 I got really sick thought I thought I had the flu nope we have a 2 and a half year old lil boy who's driving crazy with the help of his brothers and sister

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