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Heart palpitations

Been reading a lot about people having heart palpitations on here and as I've been reading about them and other symptoms in the book I'm reading I just thought I Wud share abit about wats written about them in it.

It says they may come so often just as Ur going off to sleep or even wen u wake up. The more u panic, the more adrenlin is released by Ur nerves and the quicker Ur heart beats BUT this cannot hurt u. Doesn't harm u at all.

I to get these a lot but I'm getting that used to them now I only notice wen I am thinking about them. They do still panic me wen I notice but I'm learning to roll with these symptoms. I'm loving reading this book and only half way thou. Like it says the road to recovery is facing, accepting, floating and letting time pass. That's my aim xxx

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Hi donaf

I get heart palpitations , just tend to try and ignore them like I do with other things though my Dad died young from a heart attack so think Im maybe more likely to have similar health problems , best not to worry about it I guess x

Mimii x


I have been having heart misbeats and flutters for 5 years daily but gp says they are fine and everyone has them but some feel them while others aren't aware of them at all( lucky sods) over the 5 years I had atrial fibrillation twice lasting 30 minutes which is scary so I'm anxious it may happen again hence my problem so I occasionally have diazepam 2 mg which helps plus I have 1 25 mg beta blocker bisoprolol daily


Donaf what book are you reading please?




Hi bonnie I'm reading self help for your nerves by Claire weekes. I've aldi read a book called at last a life which explains a lot xxx


Can u send the website for that book please


Also not aldi lol


Thank you for easing my mind xoxo


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