Evening primrose oil

Just thought I'd tell u about this ! I been taking this 1 tablet every other day to c if it would help my anxiety ! And it really has for me anyway !!! I notice wen I for get to take them for few days I. Can feel my self starting to worry about everything again then I remember to take them and next day I'm all gd !:-) so if any one is thinking of trying the vitamin route them I'd recommend it :-) hope this helps x


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  • Hi Stacey

    Thanks for sharing, anything is worth a try - think I'll get some tomorrow

    Jules x

  • I will definitely give it a go. I have been taking magnesium but haven't really noticed much difference. Cheers for the tip. X

  • That's OK. Gd thing if it works for u ! I have been on them for about 3 or 4 months now and do see a difference ! Gd luck hope they work x

  • Hi all I take complete vitamin B, have done for quite a while now and along with my anti-ds I've stayed on an even keel for months now Yay!! Xx


  • Il certainly give it a go,can't do any harm,I'm currently taking brewers yeast and flaxseed oil caps

  • Any particular strengh of evening primrose oil?

  • Hi no I take 500 mg ones but only coz that's wot was in shop lol x

  • Thank you,will give it a try xxxx

  • Hiya, I have been thinking about taking these again....reading your positive post has made me put it on my shopping list...Along with my anti-depressants I think it will help with my pmt I get...Sometimes we neglect ourselves at other family members expense...Thanks for the reminder. :) x

  • Glad to of helped lol :-) x

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