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Things do get better

Hi peeps, just here to say things do get better, I have so many more good days now then bad ones because I've finally excepted the anxiety then fight it. I have more full nites sleep, then keep waking up thinking about it. Things r on the up but I've started to c the bad days not as set backs anymore, but as a day where my minds telling me I need to rest. For the people that haven't got to this point yet, u will get there It just takes time, u won't just wake up one morning and its gone. We wish that Cud happen thou. I still get the symptoms but I'm getting to b more happyer in myself, isn't that wat counts? Wen I red the anxiety book I did not think I Wud b able to change negative thoughts into positive now here I am a few mths after reading it with a lot more positive thoughts then negative.

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:-) I can't wait to start getting to the same point as you. I think part of me has been holding out for a miricle, that I will wake up and be myself again. It is that thought which has made me keep fighting my anxiety. I think for me I need to stop telling myself that if I can just struggle through a few more weeks I might be ok. For me my biggest worry has been loosing my job which Is one I've wanted to do from a young age and worked hard for and one I thought I would do for the rest of my life. I have been suffering with this for so long now I'm starting to think I need to relax into it. I can't simply 'pull myself together'. I need to accept it and the consequences that come with it, even if it means having to change career paths. I guess letting go of a dream is hard. Life doesn't always go the way we plan but I should try and see change as an exciting opportunity to mix things up, deal myself another hand and see where things go. I guess we are all just trying to find our own form of peace. I also need to stop thinking that the anxiety is my fault and if I do end up leaving my job I'm not to blame.


You might think now that a change of career is the answer, I did, and it may well be, but that, in my case did not stop the attacks of depression. At the time I thought it may have been caused by job stresses but I still got them in my new career, sometimes it is not outside factors that cause anxieties just something that happensdue to chemical imbalances at that time and we look for something to blame!


That was positive, and no its not ur fault because of that anxiety. As silly as it sounds, I talk to mine. Either outloud or in my head. Wen I feel it coming I say come on then do ur best, I've learned to just carry on with wat I'm doing and say its ok we am friends now u can come with me. Sometimes wen its getting really bad I usually lot down n listen to relaxing music. I found it really hard at first to cope with it, I Wud be crying and adding fear to it which I know now made me feel worse. I searched the internet for a instant cure which if cause there isn't one. As for my job, I don't work anymore but once I feel myself probley I will get back out there. Like u I enjoyed my job, but I will have to now do sumthing else. I don't care what it is, as the way I c it I've lived ib this shell for nearlly a year now and to get back out there and work Wud mean I've overcome it. Take one day at a time, and let this anxiety b with u but keep telling ur self postive things. U will c a change in time, but don't c bad days as going back to where u once was, xxx


I can relate to u 100% I used to see bad days as a step bac but now I see them as a necessary got my recovery. To get gud days I av to av bad days. I don't fight the anxiety but relax into it telling it to do its worse. I see it as part of me for now. It's hard work, exhausting at times. But I wil get to where I want to be. Stay strong my friend. Keep up the gud work. Xx


I think in a wierd way the bad days are necessary to recovery too, i have found that now im thinking clearer i understand what was happening during the bad (for the most part) and so understand my anxiety a little better. xx


Hi Donaf

I agree it does get better, it takes time yes but it is possible....i am getting more good than bad days now, I know I still have a long way to go but im working on it so hard and am feeling more confident that i have finally got to a place where im starting to find ways to live with and manage my anxiety rather than fighting against it and trying to eradicate it. I think my anxiety will always be a part of me but if i learn to accept it and introduce more coping techniques life will eventually be good again :0).

To everyone who is not quite at this point, and is thinking puffffttt yeh right im never gonna better, trust me i felt the same over the years and combined with depressive episode I have been in some very dark dark places, nearly lost the fight on a number of occassions but somehow im a still here....there is totally hope (i swear im not trying to sound like preacher lol)

So glad for you xx


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