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How to make the heart palpitations stop?


So I had a panic attack two days ago. This was the first time since November I had one. Well, since then. I've been having heart palpitations and its causing problems. I've tried exercise and going for a long drive to get them to stop, but they won't, and its really starting to affect me. Any tips on how to make it stop are appreciated. And before I'm asked, I've been tested for all kinds of heart related stuff all last year and was given the all clear.

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If it’s due to anxiety I find Propanolol helps with that. Best to you!

I’m having this problem also. I think the only way is to just stop thinking about them, when they happen just think “oh” and then move on to something else. My heart rate was 38 bpm last night because my heart was skipping all over the place. I went to the ER and they told me it was my anxiety again. You need to just accept that your anxiety will do this sometimes but it will pass and nothing bad will happen ^=^ aside from that maybe try magnesium?

Thanks. The only other thing is that I'm just so ungodly tired and have been that way for the past two days? Should I just sleep it off and see if it helps?

Hi there, buddy!

I guess you are right... just sleep it off and see what will happen the next day. It won’t be easy (especially if you also experiences skipped heartbeats) but eventually you will fall asleep.

Try not to think about the heart palpitation next day. Thinking about it will trigger it again. I’ve been through the same situation and sometimes I’m still having same crazy experience.

All the best.


Yes sleep it off.

When this used to happened to me, they told me to "plunge" my face into ice water.

Alright- y works.

My dad used to make himself, Hot sweet WEAK tea to knock it back and it worked for him.


Take deep breaths,5-3-5 pattern

My Qigong teacher recommended coughing when it happens. I’ve tried it and it sort of works... Otherwise try marine magnesium and hawthorn berry capsules. It takes a few days to kick in but it definitely works. Being tired after a panic attack is completely normal and your body is telling you you need to rest. Do just that.

Take care 😊


I talked to a dr about this one time and he told me to cough because it forces it back into rhythm. It works but sometimes you have to do it a lot to get it to stop acting up. If you can sleep it off it would probably be the best thing.

You were last checked a year ago? Things change and to be sure you should go see your doctor because you don't know if it is anxiety or something else. A year is a long time between checks.

I have the same problem even without a panic attack. The only thing that helps is keeping my mind busy. If I think about it it just keeps going. If you can learn to. Loosen up and say do your worse. Listen to Dr Claire weeks and wonder bro yo on youtube. It. Helped me.

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Your response tells me that that you took Dr. Claire Weekes words to heart. Way to go :)

I'm going through the same thing. The last time I had a panic attack was two years ago but recently the palpitations have gotten worse. Doctors have been no help so maybe try a more holistic path.

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