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Are Heart Palpitations Go Away On Their Own?

Even though I have nothing to be freaked out of, I get daily constant heart palpitations but hopefully after a while they subside. I know it's one of the symptoms of panic attacks but they also happen when I do nothing and this situation bothers me a lot. Do you have the same thing? What can you tell me about it? Are they go away on their own? Should I be worried? I haven't seen a doctor but do you think I should? I don't want to be on meds and I pay attention to what I eat, I've cut down on caffeine but palpitations are still happening. I don't want to worry myself and ruin my day but it's really affecting my days. I don't have panic attacks now (I hope I'll never ever have again). I give myself only one day, if they keep happening after today I'll definitely see a doctor as soon as possible because I really can't take it anymore but I'm torn between seeing a doc or not seeing one anyway.

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You have probably become very sensitive and aware of your heart since your panic attack and that is why you feel the palpitations. Remember your heart rate fluctuates a lot during the day it will change with physical activity even light it will change when you eat or don't eat it can change if something startles you or something effects you on the tv. And it can sometimes just happen out of no where while you are relaxing it is all apart of anxiety and your hypersensitivity to your heart. It is always a good idea to get things checked and when you get the all clear you can be reassured and hopefully the palps won't bother you as much.


Hi Jean

I also am sensitive to my heartbeat. I can feel every beat. When I am driving, it's like my heart is beating like I'm running! I take a low dose of xanax

and it totally helps. I also have a oximeter. I put that on my finger, and it shows my pulse. It calms me down, as my pulse isn't even fast, at the time.

Hope that helps you out.



Thank you for the reply. I assume you saw a doctor for this problem right? Now I think really should see one because I can't be comfortable, I can't stop thinking about something is wrong with my heart.


Yes my heart was checked. I was having skipped beats also. Wore one of those portable ekg packs for 24 hrs.

Think that's what you call it.

Everything was okay

😊 xxx


So I shouldn't be worried right? Though my pains really scare me. If I had something serious God forbid, I wouldn't have some good days, right? Because some days I feel nothing wrong, those pains appear out of nowhere in some days. I'm sorry I keep asking questions but I need reassurance because I'm so scared something bad is gonna happen.


Now you are saying pains. Thought it was just palpitations? What are you doing when you get them? If you do deep breathing, do they stop? What is your pulse? Are you taking any medications?

Rubyxx 😊


Sorry my bad, first it was palpitations and some pains but yesterday was just sharp chest pains. I was talking about the pains I had yesterday. I don't do deep breathing and I am not on any meds. Today I'm feeling slightly better compared to yesterday. I was just so scared yesterday because of the pains and they were around my heart, that's what worries me the most.


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