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Feeling very down and stressed about my inability to lose weight

I just wanted to write down how I feel tonight.. Iam 35 and weight 25, 1/2 stones. I was diagnosed with G.A.D., and depression. Because of y weight I have associated health problems like high blood pressure and dizziness etc. Iam feeling so down, My mum died then my husband cheated on me but we are trying to make a go of it, and since then my weight has increased alot, Because of my Anxiety I dont want to go out, or socialize, i dont want to see my family, I was put in for a Gastric Bypass but I couldnt lose enough so they discharged me and am at stage one but bigger. I have tried everything. but I have no willpower becuase I want to comfort eat. I have been through Counselling, iam on 200mg Sertraline a day. When I actually do try to diet as well I go very strict with myself its either all or nothing and obviously that fails I just keep thinking whats the point?.

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can you afford to join something like slimming world? they also do it online.

but the classes are very supportive and sociable too.

aim to lose one to one a half pounds a week. that's three and a half to five stones in a year :D

try to eat little but often.

your metabolism goes to sleep when we do,

it doesn't wake up until we eat something.

try a few grapes or a piece of fruit when you wake up,

then you start burning calories.

cereal portions are of a fist [yours) sized portion [news to me :) )

and they are slow burning, so you feel fuller longer.

- Guess who's just been to see a dietician! ask your gp for a referral.

hope that may help, don't give up.




I find it hard to get motivated as well. You are not alone, I think with losing weight I find it really hard when I have been on diets before and I have been really strict with myself I found that I never stuck with it, I found it a lot easier to not go on a diet as such but just lower my calorie intake and try and do a little exercise, even if it was just going for a walk. Recently I made myself start exercising properly, so I got a running machine and I make myself do it every other day, I also have started yoga to help with my anxiety, I know its not a miracle cure but exercising does release serotonin so after you do it for a while you do start to feel better, it was hard for me to get into it at first but I had to keep telling myself to do it or nothing will ever change. I also comfort ate after my dad passed away, that was when I decided to make a change as I put on weight and I whenever I had my photo taken or looked in the mirror I never liked what I saw. Watching things like the biggest loser really motivated me I used to exercise whilst watching it sounds silly I know.

Have you tried protein shakes? I sometimes have a protein shake meal replacement for breakfast or lunch, I get it from my protein I get the chocolate flavour and it really fills me up and stops me from getting hungry and it tastes quite nice, I think so anyway. :-) please don't feel like what's the point, if you are not happy you must think of yourself and try and do whatever it is that will make you feel better and find some happiness because you deserve


Just want to give you a big hug,you sound so down. I know what it's like to loose your mum and have your husband cheat but I sent mine packing. I put on a fair bit of weight after I lost my mum,I comfort eat too,there's so many of us that do it. I lost 3.5 stone with slimming world and I have fibromyalgia and underactive thyroid,it can be done. I have put a stone back on but I'm trying to keep it at that,it's hard when your on meds. You CAN do it you just need to get your head in the right place. I do hope you can do it for


Thank you for your lovely comments and suggestions, Iam feeling abit better today I forced myself out and got my hair cut, and finished a present I was making for a friend. I will do it I know, xxxx


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