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Feeling overwhelmed about my life

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Feeling sad, depressed and anexity all the time because I'm worried about everything about my daughter's family and my grandkids future.been home of stress leave from work and I'm afraid to go back to work. Worried about money , tried to commit sucide 11 years. Get some bad feelings about doing it again. I'm really scared. I'm seeing a consultant about my depression and I'm on antidepressants

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You're not in a good place at the moment, but do not know why you are so worried and anxious about your children and grandchildren. Maybe you can share more so others in this venue may respond to what you need.

Are you taking anything for the anxiety?

Is your therapist available for you to call now, at this time of day or night so that you can tell the therapist how you are feeling, and that you are afraid you might hurt yourself?

In which country are you? Do you have a phone number to a help line or suicide line where you live? If you have reached the point that you are really feeling so lost that you might hurt yourself or another, please call 911 if you are in the US, and ask for the suicide number or crisis number for your area.

If you are alone, please call a family member or friend to talk to, if you can't reach the crisis or suicide lines. Please reply back to let me know if you reached any of these people.

You deserve a good life, and just some help to

have it. Don't give up. Your life is too important to give into the anxiety and depression you are feeling at the moment.

I personally feel you should also be taking medication for anxiety as well as your antidepressants. Granted I am not a professional but you appear that your levels of anxiety have hit the roof. Like you I am also suffering at the moment as one of my sons is in a really bad situation that none of us can help him with. I myself suffer with bi polar, I have been fine for years but I have had to take 150mg a day of Pregablin which is for anxiety. Ask your pyschiastrist if they think this will help you. Please do not attempt suicide, think of your family who love you. Tell your pyschiastrist everything as they can only treat you with the appropriate medication if you tell them what you tell us. Try to think of positive things, think of how you overcame your last bought of illness. We are all here for you and we understand how you are feeling. Please let me know how you are getting on, love Helen 😊😊

I'm also doing renovations at the house that I did not want to do when I'm feeling like this but my wife insists to go ahead with. Always having fights with her about spending money. I'm never at peace

I hate to say this but you sound like my son, he was always trying to please his wife. You need to be selfish and get yourself better. It will not be easy but in your situation very necessary. Please ask advice from your pyschiastrist and until you are improved look after no one 😊😊

Sound like you are under a lot of stress and strain from pressure. You will not be at peace until you are better. Your health is more important than renovation, if your health gets worse you won't be able to do anything so your wife needs to know how bad you are feeling and you can't continue until you have shown any signs of getting well again. Worries of money are really bad for anxiety. Get well soon xx

Been living through hell, having anexity whenever my wife wants to spend money.im not back to work yet but on sick leave. Still getting paid in full. I'm afraid to go back to work but getting more depressed stay informed home

I do feel for you, im not at work either so I keep busy at home. Is there any way you can say to her about the money causing you anxiety, you must be so tired of it all

We are always arguing, feel like leaving , if it were not for my grandkids I would of left Her.

Oh no that bad is it im so sorry

At a time like this you need support not more stress as you will just not recover. Who in the family and you talk to??

Stupid thing to say perhaps but remember you're not alone & should stay in touch with the good folk here. I say not alone as we all worry about our family, kids & their future & where this life is taking us all. My situation isn't helped coz UK has voted to leave the EU. Am fortunate that if push came to shove we have 3 countries we could leave for immediately. Still doesn't help me knowing @ 3 am I'll be wide awake worrying myself sick about what tomorrow brings. Hope things get better but you know where I am ......!

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