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Butterfly feeling in my chest when I'm stressed.

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My name is Nate and I just joined this group, just your general anxiety stress ball I am here. 42-year-old male trying to cope with everyday life. I've had anxiety and panic attacks my whole life so I can relate to everybody out there, what's bothering me this week besides covet on every News channel, is my annoying heart palpitations that feel like there's a butterfly in my chest, had them checked out many times and everything looks wonderful but your mind is powerful when it wants to annoy you.

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Hi Nate, Welcome.That's how my anxiety started years ago, like a little butterfly effect

in my chest. I'm glad you had it checked out and know that it was

Anxiety getting your attention...

As you learn to get some methods/tools under your wing, you will

have more control over your life.

Hydration is important as well as breathing properly which can lower

the levels of adrenaline. I'm happy that you are here with us. :) xx

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Thanks so much I am happy to be here also

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welcome aboard many things can cause them medication over doing it physically alcohol smoking to name a few but general anxiety can be part of it as well.

Hi Nate welcome I’ve had anxiety and panic attacks for years too mines mainly health related where I panic but flutters in your chest is definitely a anxiety symptom the physical sensations we experience is nuts ain’t it and covid on the to all the time isn’t helping I’ve started to not watch the media now as I think it makes us even worse know your not alone though we all in this together here Nat

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I agree stay away from the news

Welcome to the forum, we're glad you're here! :) I absolutely relate to your heart palpitation issue, and I'm not even 30 yet. It's a much more common phenomenon than people realize and it's usually not a cause for concern unless they're happening more often than not or increase significantly with exercise. I'm studying abroad in Taiwan and when I had to quarantine for 21 days, I was hyper aware of my palpitations, which made me really worry. But the key is to remember if you are practicing good habits as best as you can (eating well, sleeping, exercise) and you keep a medical professional informed, these wacky little beats are not going to hurt you. It may also help you to record when you feel palpitations, like a medical journal, so you feel more aware and in control of the situation (also really helps when visiting a doctor!). As for news, it might help to follow more educational and uplifting news stations and social media accounts (like national geographic or nasa), it helps put into perspective how amazing our world is and all the good that is out there for every bad piece of news. I hope these suggestions help. Stay strong, we support you!

I have those too. They’re usually benign, so glad you got confirmation of that already. That should help you not be so afraid of them. I eliminated caffeine which was hard to do, and it does help. Anxiety is such a burden to carry.

Hello Nate your photo is so lovely and it made me feel sad that you are suffering from anxiety and these rotten palpitations they are horrible Have you ever read Dr Claire Weekes books ? They are wonderful they have got me through some tough times she teaches you how to stop taking any notice of symptoms and take the fear away I can't recommend her highly enough Agora who has replied to you is so lovely her advice is excellent

You have been checked out so you know it's nothing serious and it's anxiety causing them

The Dare Response by Barry McDonagh is also an amazing book

Wishing you all the very very best I hope that you will get some peace and have happy anxiety free days

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The Dare response is amazing I've probably read it a hundred times I will check out the other book thank you so much

I’ve struggled with anxiety my whole life and it sux. The more we focus on our symptoms, the worse they become. This is the hardest for me, but it can be done. You’re not alone. 🙂

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Isn't it funny how we've been in and out of the doctor's office hooked up to EKGs wondering if our hearts messed up after they tell us everything's fine 20 times throughout our life, we still think I wonder if they miss something 🤣🤣🤣

Yes!!! I’ve had so many tests ran throughout my life it’s insane!!! 🤪🤪🤪

All good mate Nate 🤠 it's the same feeling I was for a long time and gradually had to learn to cope with it. Hope you feel good soon..

Yes! All of this. I too experienced these same feelings. I have found not watching the news helps me. Although I do tune in for the weather and sports. Deep breathing helps me. Focusing on what we can control. If heart is skipping beats what can I control to try to help me relax. Maybe it’s a walk, maybe it’s a text to some friends you know will make you laugh, maybe it’s a call to someone you trust and can support you. You aren’t alone. I’m 44 and have this too. 🙏

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Thank you

Hi Nate. Have you tried any medications to help reduce your anxiety?

Hi Nate!! Welcome to this forum from the girl who can completely relate with Generalized anxiety😂 I can relate to living your life with anxiety all over the place and whats going on with the world is just adding onto it even more! I'm sorry to hear about your heart palpitations and hopefully that gets better. I often wish my anxiety symptoms were that instead of extreme nauseousness. Hope you have a good day!!! 😊

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