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Hi everyone just to say to everyone hope you all doing ok its so hard to get on recently as those who know me will know what i mean there are so many i dont know on here now and seems that the people that understood and helped me through my anxiety have disappeared all i can say is my anxiety is still here playing its awful mind games with me and i still feel like i am in a black hole some days with no way of getting out so my thoughts are with all you lovely people who are struggling to cope with their anxiety some days are ok some days they just take such a hold of you that its hard to cope so hands up to all you people like me that are struggling with it no one around us really know how each day can be a struggle and although i may not appear on the site as much as i use to i so understand you all and still think of all my friends who helped me over christmas when i hit rock bottom love you guys why rose donaf fade lizard and to all the others i dont really know but send my love to you all and keep going your doing GREAT xxxxxxx

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Hi Sheffield,

Been very up and down too but I keep plugging away. Letting the thoughts wash over me; breathing and waiting for it to pass. It's hard but I'm getting there. I've been free of it since mid afternoon after constant panic and black depression since Wednesday. It's such a relief to have had this respite.

Take Care



I had a "good" day last week and it gave me some reassurance that the old me was still inside me. This anxiety plays cruel games with us, doesn't it?

I've been reading Claire Weeke's book 'Self Help for your nerves' and she recommends

Facing - Facing your anxiety, not running away from it.

Accepting - Accepting that you have it for now, accepting the symptoms for what they are, understand that they are unpleasant but won't cause you lasting harm.

Floating - Float, don't fight through the symptoms. Take your time, relax, float through.

Let time pass.

Easy to read but hard to put into practice but I'm trying...



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