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Hey guys been a little better today still had little spells but not half as bad as they have been had the shakes but trying to tell them to bugga off so thanks guys your ace all of you i am always a little behind in the bloggs you know what its like with 3 kids in tow and easter hols make it worse so just ignore me if i am half a mile behind you all but still here trying to keep up thanks for all your replies you are the greatest today seems an ok day the anxiety seems to have eased for now LOVE YOU ALL :) xxxxx

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Love you back,

So glad you've had a good day and I hope many more to come xxx thank you for all your support.:-)


Hang on here , loving Sheffield back , well I have all on getting a hug :-D


sheffield so pleased you are coming through it hun & dont worry , i no , i had 3 young kids , i think you do well , all the support you give , i no how hard work it is

We dont mind how far behind you get as long as you are here





Thanks cookie and whywhy you are my greatest friends and love you to bits i am so happy we have each other to pull ourselves through this bloody mess we will get there together thank you guys BIG HUGS LOVE YOU :) xxxxxxxxxxxx


So glad you are coping today and pleased that you may see a bright light at the end of the dark tunnel. Keep going so nice to read positive blogs.

Big hugssssss

Love Seyi xxx


Great news, Sheffield, keep it up, and big hugs from me too!! join the Easter Party in the Garden - bring the kids! ;) xxxxxxx


Ah thanks guys busy day today work only for 3 hrs then kids to fetch from mums thanks me lovelies xxx


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