Me again with another question

Hi all, its me again. Sorry if im bugging you all but ive got another question. This site is very helpful and wondered if you could help again, ive been on 10mg of citalopram for about 12 days and i was wondering how long they take to start working? My friends keep asking me to go out but im getting worried incase i have an anxiety attack when i go out. I dont know what causes the attacks so i dont know how to prevent them.

Thanks adam :)


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  • It usually takes a couple weeks i think it varys in each person.since you have been taking them do you notice a difference or do you feel any better?

  • Yeah i feel better but still have some anxiety attacks. Doctors say it will last a few weeks before it actually works to its full potentional but i dont want it to progess where i dont want to leave the house due to anxiety

  • Well if your feeling a little better i would prolly go out with my friends and try to have fun before you stay in your house too long and get stuck in the cycle of anxiety like me.go out and try to take your mind off of it and have fun.

  • Ive been going to the park for an hour or so every couple of days and ive been okay i just get worried

  • Ok its good that your getting out some.but what worrys you?going out or are you worried about having another panic attack?

  • Im worried to go out incase i have a panic attack

  • Well worrying about it is only gonna cause it to happen.i know its hard but you gotta teach yourself not to worry about it.which is very hard to do but i think you can do it :) i hope you get to feeling better soon.

  • Ive had it before and managed to put it tp the back of my mind i should be able to do it again :)

  • They take about 3 to 4 weeks to start working good Unless your dose it not high enough Now I am not for sure on my answer but from what i was told from my psych Hope this help

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