Hi everyone its so nice to see that so many of us are feeling so much more positive in ourselves its so good to talk to such loving people on here and couldnt have done it with out you all the thing is some people are so ignorant towards people like us and just seem to think we are exagerating this site has given me so much more understanding about anxiety and panic attacks we know there not nice we know they affect our thoughts our behaviour our lives but while we all have each other we know we can keep taking small steps to help us get back to our normal ways and we will smile proudly one day knowing we have fought this together and will make us more stronger, stronger than those people who just dont understand the way we feel WELL DONE ALL MY LOVELIES I AM SO PROUD OF YOU ALL AND LOVE YOU TO BITS THANK YOU :) xxxxxxxxxxxx


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  • Hey this is a lovely post xx be proud of how far you have come too, sending love, hugs and tight squeezes right back to you love eve x

  • Hi sheffield

    So pleased you have gained so much , good for you hun

    Keep going :-)




  • Thanks Sheffield, lovely blog.

    We are a big family, an understanding family who truly do care.

    Lots of love to everyone xxxxx

  • HI Sheffield

    How lovely to read your blog and gives each and everyone of us hope knowing all the people here understand and feel the pain each and everyone of us walk on a daily basis. Like cookie said i feel we are like one big family and i value all the people i have met here who has made a difference to my understanding and thinking.

    Keep positive

    Hugs Love Seyi xxx

  • me,myself, i have only had 3 meals,since 28.december.2011.not sleeping.not showeriing/in fact total complete total avoidance,of everything,everybody.P.S.my tablets dont seem too be working for me.!AL'M'

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