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Recurrent illness

Hiya thanks to everyone who helped with my last relationship question. The boy and I are fine now. I was going to post that but I've been ill again. I was so wondering of anyone else has found they keep getting ill. So far this year I've tonsilitis for three months over Xmas, two colds each lasting two weeks and now a throat infection which followed a week of a tummy bug. I'm exhausted and dizzy and have spent most of the last fortnight cancelling appointments and watching movies in bed. It's very depressing. Work is piling up and I'm missing out on so many things. Plus it is hard for my fella to always see me ill. If anyone has any advice? I've had all the tests, am having another round for good measure. I know I need to chill out....

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I seem to get a sinus infection , over & over again

Had a sinus wash , every blood test , quite a few things tested & cant find anything

I really do feel anxiety makes you run down & we then seem to pick up things easily

If you have been seen by a doctor , try not to worry

Eat , well , rest & the stronger you get , I am sure this will get less

Glad your relationship is working out





you too whywhy with the sinusitis? was a worst winter than i thought...


I found also that this past extended winter has been very draining, luckily we missed all those tummy bugs, however I have had 5/6 cold sores 2 nasty colds and a bout of sinusitus that dragged for nearly 3 months...the physical drain is bad enough but i think the mental drain of having those illness' and fearing getting the tummy bug really wracked me good and proper - i havn't been to doctor since feb cos i feel like a timewaster and getting an appointment is a minefield - ring on the day and hope for the best system, new appointment system finally coming in next week, its a nightmare - p.s chilling helps too ;) (when possible lol)

get well soon


Thanks guys I feel like I'm going mad. You should go to the Dr though. I had tonsilitis for two weeks before I went to the doc - was worried about being a time waster. It's so good to hear I'm not the only one. Am going to try and deal with the anxiety once I'm better... Xxx


I've had nasty bouts of sinusitis since my teens - and that's a LONG time ago now. They can be completely unrelated to colds - they just come on when they feel like it. I've never had much of a sense of smell and I guess that's most likely connected.

Over the counter Mucron and Sinutab help relieve the pressure and pain.

I was given antibiotics by the doctor for it some years ago - they did nothing to help at all.


Iv`e had literally one cold after another this last winter, I never had any of the tummy bugs that go around all winter, but then that`s probably because I`m super careful about handwashing & things, & I don`t have contact with children who are the worst offenders when it comes to stomach viruses. I take 1000mg of vitamin c, & zinc, so I can`t figure out why I keep getting colds.


I've only had the one bug, all other's have been throat stuff. Plus I have chronic rhinitis - like year-round hayfever. It really does look like anxiety breeds illness. Your kind responses are really spurring me on to try and let go of anxious thoughts and try and do fun activitues. Usually I get so anxious that I wear myself out so I know it's going to take an effort to break the habit of collapsing in front of the tele, but I think it's key to breaking the illness cycle!

By the way, whywhy2 are you the whywhy who decided to leave? If so are you back now? Xx


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