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Help with emetophobia

I'm 17 and suffer with emetophobia. Emetophobia has taken over my life, I've suffered for years but since January I've been a mess. I've been to the doctors but I couldn't explain what was wrong properly because I was too embarrassed so they prescribed me with propanol to help with social anxiety (also suffer with this too) although they don't help. I've been struggling to attend sixth form, I'm constantly watching what I eat so I don't get ill, washing my hands so I don't catch anything, going out is becoming so difficult. I'm terrified of getting sick, I don't know how to cope anymore. Does anyone have any tips please

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Have you tried ? I can understand your fears and they are debilitating. Have you tried any psychotherapy? You need to find a therapist or doctor you can confide, so they can help you. I took propanol before for general anxiety, but for your situation other medications are needed. You don't want this to escalate to a level where is harder to manage. I wish I could help you more, but my way in managing my fears is facing them, like driving over bridges, or long distances. It is a dreadful task, but I push myself because I don't want fear to win.

Take care!


Hi Gracie,

I suffer with the same fear and if I feel sick I panic.

What has helped me a great deal is....I bought some acupuncture wrist bands with the bead in, they really work, so I wear them when I am in stressful situations.

I don't know where you are in the world, but I got mine in Boots the Chemist in the UK. But I am sure you could buy them on the internet, bout £7, worth a try.



I`m exactly the same. This time of the year is frightening for me because autumn is when the norovirus starts doing the rounds. If only people would take a few simple precautions to prevent the spread of this thing.


So upset to read it problem Gracie Lou don't let this phobia ruin your life I'm an old girl now an my life has bin so hard wi this prob since I was ur age I'm still fighting it as an old woman an it can b he'll get wat help u can to overcome it now an not spend ur life with this terrible prob u can do it wish I had dealt with it Wendi was younger u can do it don't let it beat u


Instead of trying to run away from your fear - one day when you have some time sit in a quiet space and let it come - immerse yourself in what you are constantly trying to suppress - let it wash over you and try and befriend it - accept the fear as part of you - allow it to overwhelm you and make it your friend - next time the fear visits you it won't seem so scary - just keep befriending the fear and have a laugh with it - really deeply examine your thought and then think how funny they are say hello to them welcome them as special guests they are your thoughts - just that - they are not the enemy and they can't hurt you ...


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