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Looking for advice here, I've always had anxiety to some extent but recently after the birth of my son on the third day I was diagnosed with postnatal depression/anxiety/insomnia/phchosis two months were pure hell, my baby is 8 months today and I feel very normal now and I am currently being weaned of my meds, however a new opportunity has rose for me, it is a golden opportunity and everyone is telling me to go for it, I really want to too, it will be three days a week training and working in a solicitors firm, but I'm having mixed feelings, need some advice has anyone on here gone to work after being severely ill?


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  • I spent a year saying il go back when I feel better . Now I'm just doing things and il let my mind catch up. Don't want to waste anymore time and be able to say iv done something with this year

  • Me too I think I need to step out of my comfort zone, the more I stay at home the more comfortable I'll become in my zone hence make it harder to step out of it, but at the same time I'm worried about what if it gets too much, (hate the what ifs!) I wish there was a straight forward answer

  • It would be good if you could arrange some sort of graduated return, but if you're starting with training only that will be helpful.

    Good luck with it

  • Yes It will be only part time and training at first, but I've just got so use to being at home all the time :/

  • I really want to take control of my life again instead of letting my postnatal experience haunt me for the rest of my life, any advice is welcomed

  • Go for it. It's your route into your new life

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