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Advice for dealing with high anxiety/illness phobia please


Hello. I have only posted here once before a while ago. I have a phobia of being ill myself or seeing other people be sick. Unfortunately I have been unwell the past week and whilst I have not been physically sick I have been on the toilet a lot and felt very sick. The problem is now my anxiety is sky high and I am struggling to cope. I have to control my breathing constantly and it is driving my parents mad that I am sitting in the living room with them breathing really heavily and shaking uncontrollably. Night times are particularly bad, my anxiety gets higher throughout the day and is the highest at night. I find going to bed really scary cause I do not know if I am going to wake up ill. I need to deal with this phobia because I genuinely think that if I don't it will end in my suicide because when I feel ill I want to die so badly and the anxiety is just too overwhelming. I know most of you have probably stopped reading by now but please please reply if you have any ideas that can help me:

1) Does anyone have a similar phobia and have you beat it? If so, how?

2) Does anyone have tips for dealing with anxiety so it doesn't get to panic attack stage?

3) Does anyone know any self help material which could help me, any books or anything?

Thank you in advance

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Hi Ollie I have sent you a private message.

I've read your post and i can say that i can relate to it to some extent. I'm more obsessed with my looks but yes when something is wrong with my healyh then i start thinking that i'll die tomorrow, i strt shaking and sweating. It's all in our heads, it's something hard to control but with appropriate help and support you will be able to block these dark thoughts. First thing to do is to book an appointment with your gp or to go straight to a private therapist. I realized that one cannot deal with it without professional help. Hope you'll feel better, stay strong! Xxx


Hi Ollie,

I suffer with health anxiety and also have a fear of being poorly...

Take a look at mindfulness and the 3 step breathing technique... Really helps... X

Hi I feel for you I'm the same anxiety is horrid I've been prescribed setraline but I'm scared of taking them :( you just can't win I've been asking on here about herbal remedies I've got ocd can't relax until everything is in order wish it would go away I try and burn my energy that helps

formidible in reply to scoobyd

Scoobyd. Have you tried Ashwaghanda herb? They have helped reduce my anxiety and have only been on them for a week.


I feel for you as well Ollie. I don't know if you have been to the doctors but if not please do. Counselling can help as well.

scooby I take sertraline and I find them really helpful. I have no serious effects so please give them a go. My doctor told me they are one of the newer drugs which are deemed safer and more effective than many of the older ones. You can google sertroline which might help put your mind at rest.

Bev x

scoobyd in reply to Hidden

Thanks I Google it that's what put me off :)

Hi Ollie

I'm similar with the what do I do? Well obviously I still have some trouble with it but have a few coping tricks...firstly If I'm going to be sick I'm going to be sick so I try if possible to be completely alone (the thing that bothers me most about my fear is the idea that I'm going to be sick in front of people...) remember that it could be worse (I've know people who know people who either faint on being sick or react to being sick by being sick - nightmare...) I have not beaten this fear yet but it can be quietened down a bit, I'm not sure how I did it but I had a good two years until last winter sick season when I saw someone be sick at a major event, and a few children sick in the streets on the run up to Christmas - brought it all back :(

I've been put forward for a 12 week cbt course to combat the fear...should be another 8 weeks or so until I start...I really hope this works...If it works I'll be sharing here :)

Hi Ollie

I also have an extreme fear of vomiting. Mine is so bad that I pass out if I'm about to vomit. I've tried a number of things: sertraline, hypnotherapy, body talk, counseling, natropath..... Bowen therapy through the natropath has calmed my nerves somewhat. I listen to a mediation app daily which helps a bit and I'm going to be starting neurofeedback with a psychologist soon. I will let you know how it goes. I know how hard this fear is and we just have to hope that it will get better. How are you feeling these days?

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