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Struggling with being believed 😔 Especially by the ones I love

Does anyone else, specifically those of us with health anxiety that often people don't believe you when you are genuinely ill! I'm having a really tough time with this at the minute, I'm suffering with a stomach bug (2nd day) which my youngest son had last week but because I've done my usual panic....the pains are horrendous, feel like it will never go, I'm not gonna be better for the weekend when we're due to go away, can't feel like this any longer, it's getting worse not better 👈 They only take this into account not the fact that I'm actually ill, my husband is usually great but I could see he was frustrated today then my dad came round and said 'you just need to get out of bed now and try and get on with it' oh how we love those 4 little words 👊🏻 I suffer with guilt as it is and today had been particularly bad.... Does anyone else feel like this or have any experience of it?? Xx

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Don't feel guilty, its not  your fault at all and I'm sure your family means well, its just hard to understand what you're going through and I hope they will understand and don't be hard on yourself 😊


Thanks for replying  Alan_98 Great advice x


Anytime 😊


Hi rach1626,  I've tried over time to explain as well as feel guilty about not feeling well.  Listening to the advice and sometimes down right mean comments about my anxiety. In one ear and out the other became my way of coping.  Oh not that it didn't hurt but it wasn't worth the palps and stomach churning I'd get over it.  I may be more alone now but less stressful.  x


Thank you Agora1 that just might be the way forward for me too, as I often end up getting really upset and arguing about it to somehow try and prove I'm actually ill! Thanks for replying xx

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My family tries to be supportive but I know they don't get it & get tired of me not having energy like I used to.

I push through as much as I can because I really want to be with them.


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