Who or what is Will-A-am

I am not sure who will-a-am is but here is my favourite song written in the year of whywhy's birth (1935) and beats the "voice" anytime

That's only my own opinion of course.

Red sails in the sunset

Way out on the sea

Oh, carry my loved one

Or bring him home safely to me

He sailed at the dawning, oh

And don't you know all day I've been blue

That's why it sails in the sunset

I'm putting all my trust in you

A swift of wings you must borrow

And make straight for the shore

We're gonna marry tomorrow

And he'll go sailing, he'll go sailing no more

Red sails in the sunset

Way, way, way, way out, way out on the sea

Oh, carry my loved one

Carry him home safely to me

A swift of wings you must borrow

Make straight for the shore

Or we'll marry tomorrow

And he'll go sailing no more

Swift wings you must borrow

Make straight for the shore

We will marry tomorrow

And go sailing no more.

Bing Crosby Sept 1935.


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33 Replies

  • Bertty , what are you doing :-o

    I wasn't born in 1935 :-o

    Cheers mate , think my mum or dad might have been , but not be , how old do you think I am o goodness

    Not sure if this song is a dedication or not

    Please do get my age right will you :-D


  • You have just put 27 years on my age :--o


  • I think Berrty meant 1985 why why. He obviously can't add up



  • Now grog , I wish it was 1985 , you are far to kind , but I will accept yours , rather than the other one :-D


  • Whywhy my love are you ok? I've just laughed out loud and made my husband jump. He asked why I was laughing but he would never understand. That's sooo funny oh bless berrty xxxx

  • Just Eve , in slight shock & I am having to do my breathing & could do with Will-I-am giving me the kiss of life , but other than that , I think I might work through this :-D

    Thank you for asking ;-)


  • 1935?? HA HA HO HO

    You must have got that wrong Berrty

    Anyway I've just been invited on to the vice so YAH BOO!

  • Bloody hell , I thought he liked me & he has just made me 77 , I am not saying there is anything wrong with been 77 :-D

    See I am in shock I have sworn , sorry

    Its the Voice you are going on , keep up grog , there isn't a programme made called the vice , well not that Will-I-am is on :-D


    Listen at you getting down with it as well YAH BOO IN YA FACE LOL


  • I get what you're saying calling it 'The Vice'!


    I had been trying to copy some lyrics from an elvis song.

    I meant to say in elvis presleys birth year.Of course I know you are not 78.SORRY



  • Naughty bertty

    As you sing to me I will forgive you :-D

    Goodness , my heart went then I thought I was going to have to join grog in his bed :-o


  • Phew I'm glad this has been cleared up hee hee I knew you were taking time out to think but I was worried I'd entered a time warp and fast forwarded 27 years! Now then "time warp" reminds me of my youth club days... A very irritating song but i admit i knew all the cheesy moves xxx

  • Well I think everyone is on the sherry or something tonight & they are forgetting to tell me :-D

    Yes I am relieved as well

    Think Bertty needs to try again , bless him :-D


  • Hello Eve

    Now I must not get this wrong and I mean no fence to you

    BUT does the 39 bit mean that you were born in 1939 or you are 93?

  • ooops I meant 39

    Making a right hash of this tonight



  • BERRTY!!!

    If I was you I would sleep it off or you are going to upset all the ladies.

    And I thought I was the comedienne


  • :-D


  • :-D

  • Bertty it means you were born in 39 , not that you are 39


  • Oh my god this blog is soooo funny! I'm chuckling to myself it's hilarious and I'm not even drinking hee hee. No berrty I'm not 93 but I feel it its been a right old week thanks for the giggle love eve x

  • Well I am not drinking either Eve , but reading this , makes me feel drunk :-D


  • Just to re-assure you ladies I have recently sent a message to berrty.

    He tells me that he is in bed cuddling his teddy bear hot water bottle with an ice pack on his head.

    He admits that he has drunk 3 bottles of Ribena this afternoon so I think that explains every thing



  • Must be strong Ribena :-D

    Hope you feel better soon berrty , don't worry we forgive you ;-)

    Come back & chat when you feel better


  • This gave me another fright this morning grog , any chance of giving us a warning when you are going to turn purple again :-D happened over night did it ;-)


  • Sorry to give you a fright.

    I had to go to see the doctor this morning.Unfortunately my sides had split during the night due to excess laughing.

    He has now prescribed me 2 tea spoon fulls of Ribena every 28 days.

    Probably go even more purple now!

    Just going to recover now with some pawn sandwiches and a cup of Bovril.

    see you later


  • O well don't over do it with the Ribena , a bottle should last you a while


    Has Bertty gone into hiding , has anyone seen him :-o



  • That has made me laugh . A very good start to my day . Thanks everyone ! Lets say Friday should be a laugh out aloud day .

  • Glad it made you laugh this morning I was chuckling all night. Laughter is a great tonic. Lovely to see you on here and hoping things are better for you love eve x

  • I wouldn't mind a laugh out loud Day , Cloudy , as long as I don't have to be 77 or 78

    Well not yet anyway :-D

    Bertty needs to get up & start us of I feel , with his songs ;-)

    Hope you are doing ok


  • Thanks feeling a lot better . Come on Betty get up and have some ribenna . We are all waiting . Something funny happened to me lady night . I squashed a spider i my sleep and woke up with the legs stuck to my pillow . I thought my hair had fallen out . I jumped out of bed Poor spider out for a wee quiet walk at night and thump my head squashes him could be worse I suppose I could have had him for a snack .

  • Yes we want Bertty up & singing , but think he can leave the Ribena alone ;-)

    Sounds an interesting night there you had ;-)

    Hope you still have a full head of hair this morning & you are not walking around with a pillow stuck to your legs :-o


  • Oops Berty is now Betty . Lol

  • O dear , sure you are not on the Ribena turning Bertty into Betty :-D


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