What a silly girl I am

I should have my phone taken off me....just txt my ex this big massive heartfelt txt about how I'm sorry things ended the way they did blah blah blah and yes I know I wasn't going to get back a txt I wanted but what they said was probably even worse than I expected. Self inflicted I know but it felt like someone had stabbed my already palpitating heart.

Im such an idiot :-(



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13 Replies

  • Don't beat yourself up, we all have done it............ its natural!! All part of the process..... it will get better I promise.......6 months on from my break up and I am so glad to be out of it.............

    Just be nice to yourself!! xx

  • You are so right, I should just be good to myself...and I've been here before in this exact same spot with this exact same person...I guess it just hurts that someone you've been on and off with for 8 years can just act as if they don't even know you.


  • Yes it hurts hun, but you will get over it, you just need to try and get past that panic stage, this is all normal part of getting over someone, even for people who don't suffer with anxiety, sometimes we cant see beyond that, but believe me, you will, have some faith in yourself, be kind to yourself and take it day by day, iTS a bit of a rollercoaster but you will get over it!! And you will find a happier time xx

  • Oh Ashley, you poor thing. ((((((hugs))))))

    When I had a break up last year I really wanted to tell him what I thought of him. I wrote a really long email, then never sent it. Sometimes just writing down what you want to say helps, by the time you've done that, you don't always need to send.

    Try not to beat yourself up, we've all been there


  • I think even if I'd had a txt like "okay thanks" something like that I would have been fine but it was something like "I've more important things to worry about than you" kind of thing...made me feel like the last 8 years have been a dream and I've not even known this person.


  • Yes, I know that feeling :( Honestly, they're not even worth the time you spend thinking about them, use that time for something you enjoy instead.

    Chin up girl


  • People show their true colours, and you don't need someone like that in your life.... xx

  • You always find that there are some people in the world who take their greatest pleasure from kicking you when you're down. Your not silly, your just doing what most people would do. Nothing is self inflicted, the strongest people fall without support netting. Just keep on going, it, when we stop we fail xx

  • That's a really good saying...it does seen to be when I stop for a moment everything just falls...I'll keep plodding on and hope everything gets better. I hope for my own sake it can't get any worse.


  • Oh babe its awful i know! Believe me i ve done it far far too many times, the anxiety it causes sending it is worse than the heartbreak. I dont know about you but when im about to send what i know is not a good idea of a text the urge to do it anyway is almost overwheming. I feel as though just by sending it it will allieviate some of my tension, which it does for 30 seconds then its even worse.

    I really feel for you, hope you manage not too dwell on it too much and get some sleep. If you ve not already done so id delete what you sent and his reply, i do this to stop myself from re reading and bringing it all up again.

    Much love

    Looking Glass xxx

  • ps, i know its not really in the spirit of things on here but he sounds like a selfish person with little empathy and not worthy of your love! xxx

  • Ashley sweets as you well know I've done thus more times than I care to mention. It's all part of this process it's part of still being in love with someone even if it can't work. Don't beat yourself up just accept that you've done it and move on. We are all here to support you.


  • aww Ashley we have all been here just going through exactly the same thing my relationship of 7 years has just ended and its so hard when they just seam to be so cold like they have never felt anything for you and it is so easy for them to move on like the past has never happened. since my relationship has ended my anxiety has come back with a vengeance and to make it worse he told me I am a complete fruit loop(nice eh). I too have sent txt msgs to him and never get the right reply back and I hate people saying oh the right one is out there for you somewhere it dosent help with the pain and hurt you are feeling right now. please stay strong sending you lots of HUGS we will get through this we can help each other. Take care. Di xx

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