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Helpful things for anxiety

I know its easier to say then do, but I have found for me that keeping a log book over the last 15 years has been a big help. (boy I have a tone of old notes lol) I get up in the morning and if something is bugging me or have a physical symptom/s I will write it down. Same thing through out the day, it might sound OCD but in my case.

I had to go so far as everything I had eaten, drank, vitamins, bp, spo2 etc. Trying to decipher what was migraine vs anxiety related. After 6 months it kinda became a habit to do it. What I found is when I have a really bad day and want to go hit the web MD checker ill grab one of my old journals and back read to see if I had it before. Not saying it stops the anxiety flair up but it does help getting the mind straight on oh ive had this before and im still alive. Another thing is, it is helpful if you go to the doctors or hospital (because in a state of panic its easier to hand them the book and not try to explain.) plus they know exactly what meds you took and when, foods you've eaten, and symptoms.

I'll even add notes on the rarity I do go to the doctor on what they said , tests they run etc.

Has my doing this stopped the anxiety attacks NO, but it did help me to see what foods or environmental variables set the anx or migraines off. By keeping away from those it did make things more bearable.

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I started a log today because the last three Weeks I have had horrible pressure in my head and constant dizziness. I've read this can be from anxiety but I've never experienced these symptoms in the ten years i've had anxiety. I've also always have had headaches So then I don't know if my headaches have just gotten really bad or if my anxiety has gotten this bad. Haha. I have been under stress but nothing i've never handled before. Hopefully the log will help point out connections. Oh and I'm getting blood test and seeing a neurologist to rule out things. Great idea and I'm glad its helped you a little.


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I have dealt with the head pressure and dizziness many times with my anxiety. One thing you might want to look into is foods with MSG in them it was something that was a major trigger for migraines for me.


Yeah, thank you. I have made some changes to my diet. It seemed to help but I still have bad days ,so I dont Know. My doctor told me to eat protein and less carbs.. Carbs make the swelling in the brain worse but a big part of my diet is carbs. Peanut butter sandwiches are a staple for when I don't feel good, which peanut butter supposedly makes headache worse too. Say it aint so lol but yeah I skipped my midnight pb but I don't feel like it made a difference. I'm still trying to stick with the changes though . You have any foods that are your fav and don't trigger your migraines?

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Just a Note most peanut butter manufacturers dress them up with artificial flavors, spices (MSG) and the dreaded rancid GM oils.

I really do not have a fav food anymore. All my past fav dishes had MSG or a derivative of it. I was told the same thing on the carbs but also told eat alot of red meats and fish to keep my proteins and iron up. On a good note though dark chocolate is ok with the migraines yet reg milk choc sets them off.

msgtruth.org/avoid.htm interesting list of msg containing foods and info


Hey guys and gals. I also have the head pressure and constant headache. I've been told to keep a log since this started. I've neglected to. Think I will start keeping one now. I do wonder what makes the bad days bad and the better days better. Thanks for the advice. -Thera


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