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1st child, 1st diagnoses anxiety


Well I’m 35 years old..had my first child 11 months ago..4 months after she was born I started having intrusive thoughts and heavy brain fog and anxiety..like out of the blue...I mean I was the parent who checked on my child constantly before but now I was afraid and panicked when my fiancé had to go out of town for work..

So I go to the doctor to see what the hell is wrong with me..I’m put on Zoloft and told I have a anxiety/panic disorder but we also do blood work on thyroid which came back negative..I had horrible side effects from Zoloft..heightened anxiety/panic, bad vivid dreams, very intrusive thoughts..so after 6 weeks I got off..(and I was in therapy) and anxiety actually stopped but it was thoughts and dreams I couldn’t take..

Round 2..4 months later I’m in a constant brain fog..so I go to different doctor still not convinced I have anxiety disorder...welp..he says I do too..brain fog, tired, neck sweats, etc. so he puts me on Prozac..which makes my heart race a million miles an hour, then heartburn or acid reflux to the point it feels like something stuck in throat and dry mouth..so we switch to lexapro..which the day I switched huge anxiety and just general not feeling good..but I wait it out..next day depressed..(I never feel depressed) then soooo damn tired I cannot basically move from chair and basic child caring things until my doctor says stop taking it(like a week later..)

I start therapy again because everyone is telling me it’s unusual to have bad reactions to 3 very commonly used anti anxiety meds..granted I hate taking medication..it does make me think it’s gonna make me crazy..or that the root of the problem is health related and not just anxiety ..so then I google until I just pretty much am a hypochondriac and become terrified I have something major and no one sees it..

I’ve lived a pretty care free life until having my baby girl (whom I love more than life)

But has anyone else had a similar experience? Or am I just neurotic ? My fiancé is so patient with me making him stay in town some weeks or drive me to therapy or everything ..I just want to feel normal again..I just don’t understand where it’s coming from..

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Sorry to hear you're feeling so bad! I can't identify with your situation exactly, I had my 1st child 21 years ago and did go through a stage of questioning life back then, not really anxiety I dont think, but adjusting to my new role as a mother instead.

But the anxiety and brain fog I totally get. I wouldn't take the meds my dr offered (prozac) as I've seen how they've had a bad effect on a close relative. I had therapy instead and it did help in that I'm not having panic attacks any more but sometimes (like this weekend when I've been totally on my own) the anxiety whips up and I struggle to control it. I have a new support person who tells me I need to go out more as a distraction. Do you get the opportunity to go out and meet other new mums? Sometimes just random chat can stop the feelings for a while.

I used to Google all my symptoms, I still do sometimes when I feel bad, but I realise I have to stop or I'll get worse. The internet is dreadful for scaring people into thinking they have a terrible disease. I was running to the Dr almost every week.

I had anxiety on and off in my past. But a stressful event triggered it off in a more vicious way in 2016.

Keep going to therapy, don't use Dr Google and be kind to yourself, you won't always feel like this.

Sorry if my reply wasn't that helpful.

I too got anxiety out of know were! I have MS. And developed a high heart beat at 94 bpm after my last relapse. It then turned intp severe anxiety and panick worry. I am on Buspirone and klonopin at night to help me sleep. I was put on Prozac too and that gave me terrible thoughts so I quit taking that. I still get anxiety even on meds but its tolerable. I still get a rapid heart beat at times at bed time which I don't understand why. Hope you can find out why your having so much anxiety!

Yes, I was first diagnosed with anxiety after the birth of my first child. I felt dizzy and like I was going to pass out all day long every day. I had to be around someone all the time. I eventually got better. Then I had my second child. After him I was diagnosed with IBS as well. Fast forward to after my third and my anxiety was the worst it’s ever been. Brain fog, dizziness, heart palpitations, tearfulness, feeling like I was walking uphill all the time, just to name a few of the symptoms I’ve experienced.

Sammyjoann83 in reply to Krn210

Any medications or hopefully non medication ways to help?

Krn210 in reply to Sammyjoann83

It’s been a long road. Lol. Different things helped at the various “stages” that I experienced. You’re heading in the right direction. I don’t know exactly how your day’s generally go...but for me distraction helped. So coloring, reading, journaling, texting a friend, walking, etc. I had a fear of being out in public places that I once loved, so I got to the point that I made myself go out to trigger an attack, when the attack came as I knew it would I make myself stay and wait it out just to prove that I was indeed fine. Essential oils helped. Lavender, stress away, and peppermint, the peppermint helped a lot with the dizziness. Staying off the internet when it came to looking up symptoms. Honestly though, what helped the most was when I stopped telling myself that something was wrong with me. That I was “crazy” and should be “better” because I didn’t feel like I should be stressed or anxious. I drove myself mad trying to find reasons whenever a symptom would pop up again after I was sure I had “cured”’myself. I stopped telling myself that I was no longer the woman/girl that I once was because I now felt and acted different. I know now after learning to accept my anxiety that it isn’t ever going to go away completely. It’s here and it is what it is. Now I try to make the choice of not getting swept away by it when it shows up. Some days it’s easier than others. You’re still you and you will get through this. I think all the hormonal ups and downs of pregnancy and child birth take a lot longer to even out than what we all think. Give yourself some time and just focus on the present moment. Don’t think about your past or worry about tomorrow. Just be. I hope you get to feeling better. Sorry for the book of a response.

Sammyjoann83 in reply to Krn210

Thank you.. I needed to hear that..thank you so much

Ok... So I have been through a time very similar to yours. And I must say. It gets somewhat better. First you must realize that your not alone on this. You also know that you must educate yourself on Anxiety . There are a few things that may put you somewhat at ease. I have been taking vitamins and supplements and they have made me feel much better. Also foods can trigger episodes of panic and uncomfortable fears and worries. We are also women and we go through a lot of hormone fluctuations which are altered during pregnancy and after. It could be as much as a simple deficiency that you are having B6 and Magnesium and B complex are known to alleviate anxiety symptoms. Also a good multivitamin is essential. Since we start losing nutrients as we age. Please consult your doctor before but I donot see why your doctor would be oppose. As these are natural supplements. Educate yourself on Anxiety and you will be able to help yourself.

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