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Hi everyone,

I am Jane & i am 28 from Liverpool.

I have suffered from OCD, Anxiety & Panic Attacks for about 6 years now, but suffered from OCD since i was about 12, You know the annoying one, where you touch things, ehem, light switches etc.????

My first Panic Attack was about 6 years ago and was the most frightening. I actually thought i was dying (Heart Attack) I didn't die, but did spend about an hour shivering on the sofa, My sis was distraught and almost called an ambulance, I screamed please don't :) I did live in Anxious mode for the next 2 years after that, With Depression creeping in. I did help myself And thought i had been cured of it!

BUT !!!!!!!!!

Just recently, Well most accurately, after watching my football team LFC win the carling cup on penalties, Totally painful - I did suffer an almighty Anxiety Attack, When i should really have been happy, I almost threw up, lay in bed shivering, same as the first i one i ever had and i felt like i had been battered the next day.

Since then - I have been feeling Anxious and worried about things but don't know what? That's the worse thing about my Anxiety is the worrying about things that are not important, as i am a natural worrier.

It started affecting my work, with light Headedness and chest pains. Yes i thought i was suffering a heart attack again!!!! I am happy to say that it has eased in the last few days - but for how long???????

I would love to be able to cure myself of this for good, as i live in worry that i will suffer another one at any moment, and will be left looking silly in work or out with people! Also i' am a mum and don't have time to be feeling spaced out and confused, And with how bad Liverpool fc played last season, i am not sure if ill be able to stop myself having another when the new season starts :/

I will add that I do live a busy life I Hardly Drink and do not smoke - and i am happy ( Now ) but i have suffered from Depression quite badly in the past that i had hit rock bottom.

Is there anyone else who's anxiety just hits them for NO apparent reason? When they feel their life is okay and going well?

I have learnt to deal with my feelings, By pushing my thoughts to the back of my head ( not sure if that's the best thing to do ) and telling myself there is nothing wrong with me when i feel those awful butterflies developing in my tummy :/ - but sometimes the feeling is so strong it just takes over and i feel like i am going throw up, or faint!

I would love to chat to people who feel the same as I and learn how they cope when they do feel like this, because although i have a wonderful family and partner - people don't really understand until they have had these feelings.

I live in hope that i may never suffer another Anxiety Attack again :)

Thank's Guys.

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Hi, I also suffer from OCD and this is what brings on my anxiety, If I am not checking or thinking about things I am fine, but as soon as the OCD kicks in my anxiety hits the roof as I worry what might happen, I will get hot and feel and even be sick with worry. I am having CBT and my therapists advice is not to battle with your thoughts but let them in to your head. If I don't have anxiety for a few hours I start to wonder why and find a reason for it to come back !!


Hi Little Miss,

Yes i had wondered if pushing my thoughts to the back of my head was helping - i guess it would help to deal with them, but i don't know what they are most of of the time, its just a burden of worry, for my family, son people i care about.

When i let him go to friends houses for dinner and party's, that's when the OCD kicks in.

Yes i have had the same thing were i don't feel Anxious so i will start to ask myself why???? then ill start to feel it creeping in! That's when i say to myself - this is in my head, but sometimes it has took over already! x


hi, i suffer anxiety and panic attacks for no apparent reason everyday i wake up and feel sick the thought of whats ahead in the day , at present im under a psyhcitrist at the cmhs for depression and they hav recently started me on lithium but i know were your coming from with the anxiety xx


Hi Foxearthangel,

I understand you, I have woke up, felt fine, then bam it hits me, like fear.

It affects my tummy, chest everything.

I have never had any kind of help from anyone, i just basically helped myself for my son, and i don't really talk to people about my feelings either. I dragged myself out of depression about 5 years ago, Whilst living in a state of terrible anxiety - and i questioned myself - like this is not me, I am a happy person, that's why its so hard to understand why i am suffering from anxiety, I wish i new!

Even though at the moment, i'am having a good spell, its always in the back of my mind! Even at dinner with my partner and son, i will just begin to feel spaced out for no reason and then start to panic. I Wish there was a pill that would make it go away for good. x



I TOTALLY understand what your going through, i have exactly the same thing, the only reason i came on this website now is because as soon as i woke up this morning, i've been finding my self being worried.. about nothing.. and then i start to think to myself "what have i got to be worried about exactly?!". So i make a list of things that i have to worry about, and on a scale of 1-10 of worry, i'm about a 2.

I hate having to worry when i've got no need to. Fear of having a panic attack is the main thing really. Everytime i feel like this, i always find myself frozen in one position, not moving an inch.. just thinking negatively about anything and everything. Would love to know what's triggering this. It started the second i woke up, might of been a dream?..

Would love to just feel normal again like i used to. Would love to just have a clear head and just think normal. Every little thing i feel in my body, i jump to the conclusion that i'm dying or something. And the weird thing is, i'm really laid back, i usually just don't care about that kind of stuff.


Hi Global j3

I Understand, I don't know what kicked mine off, i just suffered a massive panic attack one day and from then on i have never been the same.

Like you i am a laid back person, but when i get a bout of constant worrying, it totally wears me out, its like i could sleep for a month.

My mum and i have this chat as she is so laid back and never worries about anything ( lucky her ) But my dad is a terrible worrier, so although i get the laid back side from my mum, i get the worrying side from my dad.

I just wish there was a pill i could take to stop it all.

My advice i can give you is - When you feel negative thoughts coming into your head, try to sit calmly, In a room you feel safe and don't let yourself panic, it just makes things worse! breath deeply, in through your nose out & through your mouth, kind of like meditation, and push the negative thoughts to the back of your head and make them stay there, then start to think about something nice ( a sunny day or a place you love, something that you enjoy) and usually for me the worrying and negativity begins to ease.

Also When i' am not working - I like to read and watch films so that takes my mind off the worrying, or i will clean the house.

Remember Global, Anxiety loves negative thoughts, then all the physical symptoms kick off too, its like a vicious circle. You need to stop it in its tracks, Tell yourself - i control my own mind x


Oh and the health thing, i have had that for years, In my own mind i have had every disease known to man, I can smile about it now, but at the time for me, it really isn't funny :) every ache and pain i get its something serious, and most of the time it's the anxiety that is causing the aches and pain's, ( vicious circle ) x


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