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Feel like even though I'm doing everything I can I'm not improving - arggghhhhhh!

So I told my wife, got some medication - ad's and sleeping tablets, do the yoga breathing exercises twice a day, control my breathing whenever I'm feeling rushed, tried to take some time out, taking a fish oil and b vitamin supplement, have my first counselling session today and yet I still can't seem to move on.

I know its early (i've only been diagnosed a week but feel like I've suffering for ages) and I'm probably being too impatient, but I really need to get better. I know I'm causing stress to my pregnant wife even though she's been so strong, and I can't sleep or eat properly, work is suffering and I am a shell of what I was after falling off just over a week ago.

I've tried to tell the dr that the sleeping tablets aren't working and can I change but she just said to up the dose and take a couple of days off them every week. I'm sorry, I'm afraid I'm in a hole and feel like I'm scrabbling up but keep on slipping down, you guys have been doing this a lot longer but I feel like I'm going to explode if something doesn't improve soon. Guess I need to adapt to the situation - did anyone else feel like this when it hit them, suddenly dropping to such a level??

I can't stop the negative thoughts every second of the day it seems, worst case scenarios going round my head, I've pulled myself into a downward spiral, oh for a magic remedy!!!!! Can someone snap their fingers and shout abracadabra and it'll all be over???? LOL

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I no how you feel , once you no whats , wrong , you get meds , then we think right that's it I want to feel back to myself now & when we don't it cant feel so frightening & we feel fed up

You have got it right though , there isn't a quick fix , I wish there was , it takes time & practice & you will have to be patient , its hard I no , but you need to give your self time

The more you fret , the longer it will take

Its acceptance , again not easy , give yourself time , slowly things will improve , it is little steps , but you will get there , be kind to yourself

No by the way , if I could snap my fingers & say abracadabra I would for us all , sorry :-D

You are doing well even though you may not see it





Hi russ

It's a very frustrating journey and its took months to get back to feeling like me again. I hindered my progress in the beginning by fighting it and stressing and wanting to be better right now. This won't be what you want to hear but relaxation is key to recovery. Rant on here and let out how you are feeling and you will get well again. im working on making a magic wand but still not there with it yet. Take care love eve x


Antidepressants take at least four weeks to work, the fact you have been for help is positive!


Hi Russ,

Yes ,we have all felt like this too Russ,

Some of us have been to a HELL so horrible it defies description, yet we came out the other side as you will do too.

There are no magic cures,


I know its really difficult, but this isn't just another trend to jump on and off of, its not something we can have a bit of then drop when the next things comes to the fore, this isn't a business deal we can play, this is serious stuff, its REAL LIFE its what will define your existance from now on.

Take it seriously, as if your life depended on it.

I'm saying this because I want you to get better, you sound like you have a great life,

I did too once , sports cars, beautiful girls, great job, loads of money, great apartment, life was in my hands, I loved it all, now I'm £10 from being on the street, so take this seriously, as that reality is closer to you than you think, you dont need that hell I went through, and you dont have to have it.

Make today, your time to start again and move towards getting better.

Listen to your councillor, as if your life depended on it, make sure you can get on with them too, its important, usually there much more than we initially see though so be patient.

Tell them everything, and I mean everything, leave nothing out, if there good they can really help.

Were all here for you too,

Go get 'em Russ :-)

Sorry if my tough love was a bit tough,

Wishing you well,

message me anytime if you need some advice, I will do my upmost to help anytime




Thanks mate, tough is good - made me laugh for the first time this week! I feel like I may have about 12 hours worth of ranting/letting go to do to the councillor, not sure I can cram it into 50 minutes!

I'm trying to see it less as a finite problem that should be solved now (right now!) and there's an end to it, and more something I can work on - it does help.

I guess I'm new to even the idea of anxiety - let alone having it, and have a load of barriers to break down first.

Knowing that others have gone through it is really helpful and I really appreciate your comments.



Hi Russ,

So glad you laughed and wasn't offended :-)

Yes, this is a whole new ball game, its not something to get rid of, it dont work that way,

its something different, it disolves when we realise it is not dangerous, it will rise in intensity at first but if allowed by not reacting to it, it will abate, back to normal levels.

One thing, when we get this right and float through a panic to the otherside, it has a present awaiting, its like nothing I had experienced before, its beautiful, makes it all worth while.

Keep ranting, we all need to express our frustrations sometimes,

Wishing you well

B xxx


I empathise with your feelings of wanting it to get better - immediately!

I've only had this General Anxiety Disorder diagnosed a couple of months ago and the more I hear and read about it the more I'm trying to understand this whole concept of "Relax, don't fight it, accept that this is how things are at the moment, breathe slowly and deeply, let the feelings pass through you until they subside..." etc.

With other illnesses we're encourage to "fight" it, get on with it, push ourselves, don't give in to it - it's very hard to reverse these concepts and deal with the anxiety in completely the opposite way.

Wishing you well.



Abracadabra 1, 2, 3,

Make it go - IMMEDIATELY.

That spell has a very poor track record so please post straight away if it works for you!!!!

Seriously love, this illness takes time. Although it feels like it came on overnight it didn't. It's taken you months to get to this point so it takes a while to get back again. Follow the advice above, especially Baylien's ~ he really knows what he's talking about.

You cannot fight it. It takes up too much of your energy and releases more and more adrenalin which is causing a lot of your symptoms in the first place. You have to find a way to accept it, let the thoughts and feelings come and then go by. It's not easy and as Blorengia says it's counterintuitive but it does work.

Hope you feel better soon.



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