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When I have a panic episode that last for 3days to a week or more I don't eat I drink lots of water but because I retch and am sick, feel so tense Locke I'm made of coiled springs and get really bad ibs I don't eat. But when I start to get my head back together and all the huge piles off mess in my head start clear up I start being hungry and I know I have to, need to and want to eat but then all my focus goes o. To the pain I will experience if I eat and the same if I don't eat. I've found today that having a lorazepam has helped because I really needed to eat as I've had a week long episode :-( and I'm very weak because of it. I just need to get past the panic of being pain and that ill be in more pain if I don't eat then if I do! Because i need to eat I love food I'm a cake baker and decorator but when I have an attack I just cannot eat. Does any one else experience this?

This week radox stress relief with eucalyptus bubble bath has helped.


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  • Hi Elbo,

    I certainly have experienced this, in the end I had to find out what foods were making my IBS flair up and avoid them for a couple of months. Some I have completely removed from my diet.

    I found bananas ok to eat at first, cake is renouned to disrupt the tummy (but so nice) biscuits are not great either.

    I avoid, acids like vineger, spicy foods, milk products, excess sugar and salt, also caffiene and alchohol.

    I would tell myself that I had to eat, and nibble through the day, just small stuff at first till I could eat a full meal.

    Hope this help, and I wish you well



  • Hi Elbo,

    One in 10 people who have a diagnosis of IBS have actually got Coeliac Disease and have been wrongly diagnosed. Have you ever been tested? It can cause people to be sick, have stomach pains and weight loss amongst other things (such as mental health issues).

    I mention it because I found to my surprise my supposed 'lactose intolerance' was actually undiagnosed coeliac's. I am older, wiser and feeling much better (physically and mentally) since diagnosis.

    I would encourage all people with IBS to approach their GP to get tested - normally it's a blood test to start with. IBS should only be diagnosed when absolutely everything else has been ruled out. There is also a condition called non-coeliac gluten intolerance. It is just starting to be recognised in the scientific/medical community the issues eating that gluten causes so many other people beside those who are coeliac.

    Baylien, I also had a phase at only being able to stomach bananas pre-Coeliac diagnosis. What you have written concerns me. A quarter of Coeliac's also have a milk intolerance - you write that you avoid milk and that cake and biscuits upset your stomach.

    I would encourage both of you to read Coeliac U.K.'s website for more information. Sorry to get on my soapbox, it's just that 7 out of every 8 coeliac's are walking around undiagnosed or wrongly diagnosed. If I can save the next person from suffering like I did, then posting here will have been worth it.

    Elbo I hope you feel better soon.

  • Hi Regalbirdy,

    I was interested in your comments regarding IBS. My G.P. said I had IBS because of my symptoms. I asked how she knew as I hadn't any tests done, they seem to put it in the umbrella term of symptoms. I didn't even know you could have a blood test for it. I can eat most foods, except, like Baylien commented spicy foods and too much fruit. I did keep a food diary.

    Thanks Eunice x

  • Hi Regalbirdy,

    Thanks for your information, I have thought about talking to the doctor about this Coeliac Disease, but I've got so many things going on already one more might tip me over the edge, lol. I will ask next time as I'm due for a blood test very soon.

    Thankyou for helping



  • Hi ecinue,

    Coeliac disease is specific to gluten (cakes, biscuits, pasta, bread etc)

    It is an auto immune issue whereby the body produces antibodies- which is why normally it can be picked up by a blood test.

    The guts become inflamed and damaged because the body thinks that gluten is some sort of bug and tries to attack anywhere where it is found (ie the guts!). This then impacts on how the body absorbs other foods such as milk. Damaged guts don't work as well and malnutrition can result.

    If you are having problems only with spices and fruit, it is unlikely to be coeliac disease or NCGI because there is no gluten in fruit. Spices can have cross contamination issues if processed with gluten foods but inherently they also don't contain any gluten.

    I hope this helps.

  • Hi every one thank you for the replies, im going to do one general reply as ill get too confused lol! I have been tested previously for coeliacs 3 times always negative I've hadtests for lactose intolerance food allergies etc this was because I had a lot of stomach problems when I was 18 and had to have an op in the end, when the worst of my panic started. I have tried the Fodmap diet and gi diet and have found which foods trigger etc. I do have ibs because of my anxiety but certain foods exacerbate it in every day life when I'm well. It's just the bit when I've got thru a bad episode and I'm trying to eat but I panic about eating cos my ibs will flare but it will flare anyway cos I'm panicking and have put eaten for a week! Vicious cycle I guess

  • Dear Elbo,

    did you get well? my father has similar symptoms

    best regards,

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