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Heya I'm 24 years old and feel 90. Ive had 2 seizures about 8 weeks ago where my body goes into complete spasam. I wake up and my hands and feet are stone cold and clammy. My jaw locks and stiffens sometimes my eyes roll too and go blurey. I have trouble swollowing most of the time with a lump in my throat. My nose is dry and I'm wakeing up with nose bleed's. I get really bad pressure head aches behind my eyes. I've also recently developed two lumps under my eyelids wich are painless but uncomfortable. These past few days my teeth have started crumbling and my gums are sore I can't even eat!. My skin and lymph glands itch like mad. Guys I no it sounds over the top but I'm in limbo here I can't function. I'm feel confused and shut off sometimes I feel drunk and have to really concentrate to keep my balance when walking. Don't get me started on sleeping! My muscles are twitching seizing up, my head touches the back of my shoulder blades that's normally when I can feel an episode(siezure) coming on. Ive kind of been told it's anxiety by my psychiatrist who is f*****g hopeless but I've been told it's medically unexplained?? . I've been diagnosed with complex post traumatic stress disorder when I was 13 years old; ever since I've been locked up in horrible places. I've now not long come off clozapine and trying to get my life back together and be happy. I don't know what to do about all off this my family don't listen when I talk about these things and I get the impression im 'going on' so I don't bother. My gp just smirks at me when I tell him I've had diarrhea for 4 months? He associates everything to anxiety and don't take me seriously. So I'm signed up here, hopefully I'll get some better advice.


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Oh my gosh.. Obviously if you've been checked over by doctors... Physically your ' ok ' but in your mind you're actually quite poorly. ... The thing is your mind is controlling your body ..and yes all these things can be caused by an anxious mind .. What you have to do , slowly is accept.. All the horrid stuff your body is doing and tell your mind it's fine .. ( do your worst , if you like) eventually you'll begin to feel a wee bit better, dot expect miracles, it does take time .. Look up on the mind website what an anxiety is capable of and I'm sure you'll find most of your symptoms.. Take care.


Thank you lovely. Xx

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Are your seizures from anxiety?? Or are you epileptic?


I don't think I'm epileptic I haven't had any scans or tests I haven't got a clue to be honest. It's probably psychological xx


If you don't think your doctors etc are taking you seriously maybe you should be seek out a different doctor and see what they say, if they say the same as the doctors that you have already seen then you have to take their diagnosis and work with it. A second opinion is sometimes a good thing if you are not satisfied with what you have already been told.


I def think you should get checked for the cause of the seizures bc they are a medical emergency and most likely not psychological


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