Hi my names cameron and I'm 17. I have really bad anxiety.. every little pain I get anywhere I think Its something bad. For example if I get a sharp pain on my head I'll google it and it would say I would have brain Tumor or if I get pain anywhere else I google it and it says cancer etc. My heart just stops and I just break down and start crying because I feel like my life is ending and I'm only 17. I talk to my dad and he tells me not to worry I'm fine but I just can't help getting in a state. I'm constantly feeling myself thinking there's something wrong with me and that I'm going to die and I'm afraid to go to the doctors because they might say something bad.. I've been forced to go to the doctors before because my throat was really sore and swollen and they gave me antibiotics and I've been fine since... I'm really not enjoying my life at the moment and I should be because I'm so young. I want to become a professional tennis player but keep checking myself like this thinking something bad is happening to me is dragging me down. I don't know if you can help but I would be much appreciated if you could. Thank you x


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  • Hi Cameron I know how you feel your brain is a very powerful thing and it's so easy to fall into the trap of health anxiety , but your not alone it's hard to push the bad thoughts away, I find if you try not to be alone try to be with people who's company you enjoy it helps a lot and half the time you won't notice symptoms or your distracted from them hope this helps a bit xx

  • Thank you so much Sharon xx

  • Sounds like health anxiety. Stop googling symptoms. Keeping busy and socialising.

    Keep busy with your tennis practice, studies and enjoy your social life.

  • Okay i will stop doing that. When I play tennis I'm fine but when I get home and do nothing I just start thinking I've got something bad and it's just so horrible. Like I'm getting pains now because I think I've got something horrible:(

  • I used to go through this when I was 18, and I would cry to my Mom. I assure you're going to be okay. It may be scary but try to get a full physical done by your Dr. And I guarantee they'll tell you you're healthy which will ease your mind a little and try not to Google any symptoms. Best wishes

  • This is exactly me!! Every pain I google it and it says I have all this bad stuff. You just have to trust your doctors. Don't think about it I know it's hard but it helps a lot. Put on a tv show or something. You are fine. Feel free to message any time

  • You're not a lone I'm 16 and I have so much crazy symptoms of anxiety. Like one I always think I'm gonna just fall over and die or there is something wrong with my heart even though every time I go to the doctors they say My heart sounds good. Our brains are very powerful and our brains can trick us. Take one day at time. And remember to breath. Also anxiety makes your body hypersensitive to everything you're gonna notice every pain even if you didn't before. Also would you rather get treated for something our suffer through it. Maybe going to the doctors will help you get reassured nothing is wrong

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