Too much anxiety

Last night, I had sugar before bed and woke up sweaty and dizzy. So I ate some turkey and granola but that did nothing. I was able to go back to sleep but today, the dizziness just showed up and then went away.

Now I keep getting visuals of getting sick and it's causing a lot of anxiety, and I'm trying to eat better but I don't want to eat because it makes me anxious. Every time I have one of those thoughts, I flinch, like, to get away from it and now I'm scared that something really health wise is wrong.

I kept thinking that maybe I have hypoglycemia (anxiety can cause it, but it's not a disease) so that's why I ate turkey and stuff. But if it were, wouldn't it have helped?

But it really didn't.

I know I don't eat enough but it's hard when I've got little appetite.


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  • Been feeling the same way. I keep thinking i have low blood su gar because I'm dizzy and off but I think mine is just derealization. Youre not alone though, constantry panicky too

  • Ah, really?

  • Yes

  • See a doctor to make sure there are no physical problems. When I get dizzy, I close my eyes and breathe deeply and it goes away. Hope this works for you.

  • I can't afford another visit. I have a nutritionalist who says I'm actually improving :p

  • Happy for you. Good to hear good news.

  • If you have hypoglycemia, you need to eat something sweet. You may not actually have diabetes. You can have something called insulin resistance. It depends on a lot like your health, activity level, etc. My doctor told me to exercise, cut out all sugar except some fruits and to exercise. You may have been anxious though and that caused you not to sleep well in the first place. I can't really eat before bed. Acid reflux can wake you up esp if you laid down right after eating the sugar. It will be okay. I understand how you feel.

  • I don't have diabetes. No one in my family does. My mom just had a period in her childhood of low blood sugar sweets doesn't help. Protein does. I also read anxiety can cause hypoglycemia (not permanent) because something in the stress hormones lowers blood sugar.

  • Actually the stress hormones make the blood sugar go up. If you are concerned get a blood sugar monitor Walmart has them very very cheap. Test your sugar in the morning if its 70-100 its normal . Take it 2 hours after eating it should be no higher than 140 2 hours after a meal. Eat more PRotein.

  • A how have you been now ok?

  • Stay away from any caffeine. It is not good for anyone with anxiety attacks.

  • I was recommended years ago to eat something like porridge with honey in about an hour before you go to bed, it's slow release energy, so your body doesn't wake you up craving a sugar kick during the night x

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