Any one with anxiety will understand. It's been a tough seven years above gone through five pregnancys and had five beautiful sons but my anxiety has took over me I don't socialise with my mates anymore don't drink don't take drugs I just sit in and can't get the thought of my anxiety out my head my first panic attack xame out the blue with out warning was the worst day ever I literally ran home and went to bed all day couldn't move for days I was literally spinning and shaking every time I moved my heart was racing I kept sweating the lot no one understands me nit even my own mam who can I talk to? Need help I need to start taking my kids places lije normal mothers do I panic when it's hot outside moreish I can't enjoy summer I'm going crazy


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  • Hello Tanya you not going crazy we are all in the same boat it is very hard to learn how to overcome anxiety it is not simple by no means you will get there I promise you have to work extremely hard is there nothing near where you live not too far away from your home where you could take the children there would enjoy it even if it's just around the corner it would make you all in a much better mood and start to enjoy your young life you'll be thinking well that is easy for you to say but remember I have suffered for 18 years and am now getting there slowly but surely is there no park near you where there won't be a lot of people you have to try and give it a go you may even enjoy it listen you've gotta do it don't get it in a rut like I did and spent months on end in the house depressed it's the last thing you want for yourself and your children

  • Ye there's one not so far away ten minute walk opposite my mams I do take them now and again but a seem to go funny and panic I run back to me mams sounds so stupid I grit my teeth and my toes it's s on mad I an crazy I no I am I have a brother who laughs at me about it because all I talj about is it when I see him I can't sit and talj to no one I get all hot and move about its so hard. Like when my health visitor comes to see me and my children I can't sit and talk if I do a seem to be in a zone and I jump and go out the back for fresh air or grab a drink it's so cruel to me dragon honest. I've got some serious mental problem anxiety can only be the cause for me been scared to in shops etc a can not face big grocery stores corner shops I can manage now again but if there's a quie I will not go in il run home feel like I'm going to sick or fall into the ground this is not normal I can't even stand out on my front talking to my neighbour without feeling dizzy and panicky no one can help me but my self I've felt ok today up to now but it's getting late now the time of day I dread I Stay awake as much as possible even though I'm shattered

  • Hello Tanya tiredness doesn't help with anxiety you do need your sleep and these people to help you your not on your own and you do not have to do it on your own ask ask people to help you it's very hard when people don't understand my family where exactly the same I used to have the Mick taken out of me because of it I lost all contact with my family now that I'm back in with them they do still mimic me because of my o c d only the other day I had a big argument with my brother over kitchen roll because he had taken a piece off and the end of the roll wasn't straight so I got up and ripped a piece off so it was straight and people just laughed at me and he is supposed to be a priest what is a joke he is OCD is very embarrassing but I will get there eventually the same as you it is awful when people laugh at your misfortune they are the people hello are weak and could not handle this illness by the way has my spelling got better because my phone is doing it for me

  • Lol ye predictive text lol and ano they are just piss takers hate it when they don't understand but hopefully one day il laugh back at them drago and why can't I have a laugh any more tho nothing seems to interest me few year ago I was getting better going round my mates on a Saturday to have a little drink etc a was enjoying it and then I'm aback to been crazy again it will never go I no it won't

  • It will definitely go you tell yourself that and it will going to work now sleep tight b good and good luck for tomorrow sorry today

  • Ocd I have it if somethings not in a certain place I think bad things will happen a nether thing I have a beautiful house and beautiful belongings ya wouldn't think I had five kids in it lol I love it

  • Morning honest two days in a row I've woke up without goin dizzy am buzzing

  • Good morning Tanya so glad your feeling good today just keep telling yourself that your not dizzy talk to yourself out loud and picture it in your mind the word dizzy grab it and throw it away and shut it out and soon it will go away because most of the feelings of anxiety are locked or should I say stuck in the mind until you free them horrible demons once you learn and it does take a little time to get rid you will soon feel better while your feeling good have a little walk with your young ones not to far don't push yourself keep telling your self your doing good and praise your self because you are doing great you must be doing something right if your feeling that bit better so well done I hope I'm not going on and you think I'm a mister no it all because I'm not I'm as thick as s--- but have had so much experience and seen so many people OK maybe I'm a professional now LOL only joking well I hope today is good to you take care and be safe

  • Lol ye your my specialist ha ha I talj shit but don't every one and I do talj yo me self that makes me think I'm a phsyco. Ha ha ye don't feel to bad tired but been awake since seven didn't get to sleep till midnight I'm cleaning that's took over me tbh summit to keep busy a don't sit all day ha ha

  • Don't let that OCD kick in and clean the cooker 8times like I do LOL

  • Lol cookers always clean saying that a clean the steel on it constant the bloody hoovers never of and the Polish is never away rather have ocd than the way I feel living in a different world

  • OCD is a very bad disability to have but yes you are right I would rather have this than axiety any day just going down ormesby rd now in a lot of traffic something I wouldn't of done not long ago feel OK for now just keep my mind working and singing to stereo or trying to people looking although I'm mad but who cares I know I'm crazy going to go shopping for my dad that's a task in its self hate every minute of it so don't let me stop ya get cleaning lol

  • Lol were to morrisons I live next to there you keep singing mate ha ha

  • I'm pottering around

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