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I think it may be time to try an everyday pill but last time I tried Prozac it was the worst now I'm terrified of taking anything. I don't know what to do though cause ithis anxiety is ruining my life. I am in so much tension pain in my shoulders, neck, and head...I haven't been able to have any relief I have muscle relaxer that have helped in the past but I'm scared to take them. I just don't know what to do anymore. I am really tired of all this anxiety and panic attacks I'm always scared I have something wrong with me. I have such bad health anxiety:(


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  • I totally no what your going threw and it's an awful situation I am having sever health anxiety issues my panic attacks are all day everyday I hate being on my own I think I have been to the docs and a&e so many times in the past few months that there sick of me! It's such a horrible illness weer your mind can convince you that you are really ill and something terrible is going to happen. I had a. A hot break down the other day and went to the hospital and eventually they are going to try me on te proper meds and get me a phycayatrist for CBT and I won't have to wait months for an app so maybe that's something you can look into as I know it's such a poor quality of life trying to deal with anxiety and panic attacks all day everyday x

  • Hi. My doctor put me on Ranflocks and Adco-Azam and its working wonders for me.

  • Hi. My doctor put me on Ranflocks and Adco-Azam and its working wonders for me.

  • Hia there are different meds you can can try what about a low dose betta blocker just for a week or so. prozac doesnt agree with everyone. Speak to your GP ask them about betta blockers a low dose just for a week or so. Take one when you start to feel anxious they helped me short term. All the best

  • Hi to every one .. anxiety awful just the same day in and out nites to even woke up other nite head was numb on one side .. me always forgetting to .. but my head like pins neddles tingles.. I could sream as ture get fed up way you feel .. but all my neck get arms to get confused get scared ill lose it .. aS my head so pack ... face do wish you all well its awful thing 24/7 wear you down etc ..

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