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hello, this is my first post... I just wanted to ask if anyone on hear had the same problem as me. ive had anxiety for atleast 13 years now

the main problem is I seem to hate being on a surface that's unsteady... like the wooden floor boards at home, if im standing or sitting on them and someone walks past and it makes me move it starts me panicing. also the sofa, bed,moving esculators, boats, even the car if its a a stand still and ppl get in it , it seems to start me off. am I going mad????

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Hi and welcome. To me it sounds like your scared of being dizzy. I'm a bit like that, if I move to suddenly I think am I going dizzy and I panic. I've had panic attacks on and off for 20 yrs.

Take care Winter xx

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yer its my biggest fear off all, ive convinced myself im gonna go dizzy and its going to be permenant, like its never going to go away.


Hi & Welcome

I dont like escalators , heights , sudden movement etc , all these things make me panic , so you are not on your own

Anxiety can come in all different forms ,but it is the feelings that we have that are all the same

Have you been to see your GP & told them how you have been feeling , if you have I would go again & if you havnt I would go & talk to them , maybe some counselling would be helpful

Dealing with anxiety , can be a slow process but can be done , its small steps , but slowly we can improve & even be anxiety free

Keep talking you will get lots of support :-)





Hi Merlin & welcome,

I don't have the same problem however I cannot use a treadmill, when I get off I feel like the floors still moving & walk as if I've had a heavy night on the town!

Now my mam, she won't get on a boat or an escalator, hates lifts & closes her eyes going over a bridge. Not sure what the explanation or answer is but if you find out I'd love to know. Sorry, not much help.

Take care



Hello Merlin

No such thing as madness here ;)

I think I get some of what you're saying...I don't like some lifts and getting off buses/ferries because of that slight queasiness afterwards - I don't think your particular problem is uncommon amongst anxiety sufferers even if the reasons are different.



thanks guys, ive been to the doc on and off for years I really don't want the pills they try to give me. ive had councelling and done a cbt cource tried hypnoyherapy every thing. and the cbt did help I was panic free for nearly two years then one morning I woke up and had a very bad dizzy spell, now that was in feduary.... going dizzy is my one biggest fear ever, I hate it. ever since then ive had the anxiety back. its like 9 years of hard work was gone in a 30 second dizzy spell. very very annoying. I could rite a book on it haha. nobody understands it unless they suffer it. I just know its the fear that keeps it going and if you can get to the point where your not afraid of it.... it will go.simple rite????? no. xxx


Hello Merlin

Welcome to the site and hope you find friendship support and understanding here.

I love the site and people are genuine and all suffering some form of anxiety.

I am scared of being dizzy and this then sets me back. I have been doing well but since Monday after feeling like i was spinning 100 miles and hour and being sick has set me back. At home when alone become fearful crazy really. Keep telling myself mind over matter but the symptoms i am having are real.

Hope you feel better soon.

Take care hugs

Love Seyi xxx


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