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still waiting

the councillor never did ring me and it will be a cold day in hell before i ring them. ill have to get my partner to do it. again. i ts her birthdy today and she has gone out with her family and im sat here on my own. im so fed up. i couldnt bear to help her in the garden yesterday as i was out there the other day and one of my neighbours came out. i was so scared they may strike up a conversation that i legged it back to the safety of my kitchen. i used to hate being indoors all the time, now i find it hard to leave. i have doctors tom and no doubt he will moan as im only taking half my meds. although i was thinking of taking the 50mg tomorrow of my sertraline. what should i do xxx i hate this person ive become xxx i hope everyone is having a good day, thanks again x

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Firstly, follow docs orders.......... I hated "giving in " to meds.....but now wish I had,t fought so long on my own as they do make a difference..........give them time


quite seriously if you dont want to ring them pm me their number and i'll ring them for you! Bl**dy cheek, i can't believe how unprofessional they're being. Please take your meds, we all want to be better and they are formulated to help. There will be help i promise. Im so sorry you keep being let down x


Ah i was the same scared of taking meds but have just got to grips with taking them listen to your gp he will know best and maybe next time your neighbout appears you will be able to strike up a conversation first:) xx


thanks guys, i wish i had just womaned up and took the 50mg instead of breaking it in half but i was so nervous because i broke the golen rule and googled it. when i think back to some of the drugs i took in my youth i cant believe myself being so nervous. i will take the 50mg in morning but the neighbour will have to wait lol xxx


I cannot believe you managed to get out of seeing the in-laws!

Re: The medication - you did what you thought best at the time... do not dwell, the decision was made now you're moving up to 50mg - all good.

Take care.


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