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The neighbours son

My neighbours moved out a few weeks ago. Today there was someone doing some maintenance on the property as the company they part exchanged with are trying to let it. They found the son (17) sleeping rough in the shed at the bottom of the garden. Wish I'd been there when he was found. Always found him a very considerate lad (though know, like all teenagers he was a bit dozy and not very good with his chores! but we always got on very well - he was very artistic - bit of a goth but then we can't all have taste :)). Anyway, the maintenance man sent him packing so not sure I'll see him again - and hadn't seen him before or realised he was sleeping rough or I would have done something about it. Feel a lot concerned for him.

Relationship with his mother had been very strained and strange since his sister was born a few years ago. The one good thing is that his step dad was ex army and had taught him a lot of survival skills but not good that someone that young has found themselves in that position. Hadn't realised that he hadn't moved with the rest of the family ... though guess he might have been staying with someone else whilst he did his A levels.

Know there is nothing I can do about it but feel saddened.

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Hi Gambit,

Oh the poor lad, I hope he is ok. My dad was in the army and when i was 16, i decided i knew best and left home and moved onto a peace camp. needless to say, when pops found out he went mad, came and got me and dragged me home, only for my mum to release me again a week later. back i went and never moved back home. Teenagers can be strong willed and daft as they seem at times, can do very well at fending for themselves.

you may see him around and when/if you do, let him know you were worried. It may help him to know someone cares.

Lots of love and best wishes Cookie xxx


Thanks Cookie. Pretty sure he'll manage to take care of himself for a while and I know he has school friends locally. He probably stayed here to finish the school term - just don't really know what is going on and don't have contact details for his parents. All a bit bizarre really. Guess I just feel a bit 'dazed and confused'.


Well I have to say same as Cookie because they were my first thoughts poor lad

It would pull at my heart strings as well , I would have wanted to take him in , but hopefully things will get sorted between him & his family & like Cookie says , if you see him , let him no someone cares , which I am sure you will do any way

Hope you are having a good day





His parents moved out of the area which is part of the reason for the concern - not even sure where they are living now.

Pretty sure he'll be able to take care of himself at the moment but worry about later on if he's still out on his own and the evenings start to draw in but that's quite a way a way. Know he has school friends locally but the relatives are relatives of his step-father so not sure how he'd be about contacting them. If I see him I'll say something - or if I recognise one of his friends I'll ask them. Just a bit shocked and frustrated by it all.


It does all sound a little strange , i couldnt have left one of mine behind without knowing they had some where to stay , hope there is an explanation , if you do find out , you will have to let us no



The neighbours a few doors down were quite close so will try to see if they know anything next time I spot them in - out for the evening - but they may not know anything either.

Just hope the universe looks after him.


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