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having a voice

Dear All,

I feel like very gently opening up and talking. I feel like opening up and saying things. I am starting to wonder whether I am always asking other people things so that they can't ask me anything, which means i have to talk.

I am still discovering this part of me. When someone asks me something sometimes I have trouble saying something, and by trouble i mean i am unsure what to say or nothing much comes out or i have trouble finding the words.

So i am just going to talk or write now.

I didn't want to go to work this morning because i was worried that i would become over whelmed, since that is what happened last week friday and i couldn't wait to go home. I called in sick. I had to look after myself or take a step back.

hugs to everyone,

marcus xxx,

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Hi Marcus

As you no this is a great place on here to start talking

I am always pleased to hear from you & you no as well you wont get judged , maybe lots of love , but you can handle that ;-)

You are doing really well , I no I have said it before , but you are

It is little steps & you are taking them , you have come such along way since you joined

Try & keep talking on here



Dear Whywhy,

Thank you for your kind words.


Marcus xxx


Dear Marcus

I have missed not hearing from you lately.

The good news is that you have got yourself a job.

If you want to open up please do.As you know,there are many kind people on here who will do their best to help.




Dear Grogs,

You are very kind. It is nice to hear that. Thank you for your kind words.

warmest regards,



Hi Marcus I to used to struggle with opening up about myself. I've found that joining this site and getting all the great support from the guys on here has helped me. So when you feel ready share a little and you will be surprised my all the positive and helpful things the guys have to say.

Hope your well



Dear Willrich,

I am gratefull for your supportive words. Thank you very much.

warmest regards,



Great that you are going to work, meeting new people and, hopefully, gaining some confidence. Every positive step you take, make sure you give yourself a big pat on the back and recognise what you have acheived.... I don't think we do this enough as we tend to be negative thinkers. You will find excellent support on here from people who really know what you are going through. Hope that this week is a good one for you. xx


Dear Jeffju,

I am trilled that you are so supportive. I am happy that you see the positive.

Thank you very much. I hope that this is a good week for you also.

warmest regards,



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