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I've never written a blog post before but today I finally am! I find my anxiety very draining, however I never ever let it stop me from getting on with my life! I'm a very happy person, I enjoy life and all the things in it... Apart from my anxiety. I constantly fear something bad is about to happen, I worry about things I know are completely ridiculous, such as the world exploding! I also worry about more realistic things such as something bad happening to someone I love. I don't like to go anywhere on my own; I'm a student nurse and when I have a placement if I can't get a lift then I will pay for a taxi! Next week I worked out I will pay approximately £100 in taxi fees...madness! Anyways today I woke up and for the first time I thought to myself 'I just can't do it today, I can't go to placement and do all the things I have to do that will make me feel anxious'. I gave in, which is something I never do!! And now I'm sitting here feeling sorry for myself, wondering if the anxiety will just completely destroy me one day... It's like some awful disease that just creeps through you taking over every inch! I just want to enjoy life to the maximum and stop worrying! Before you ask I see CBT therapist who also does hypnotherapy with me and I take 10mg a day of escitalopram. Please don't get me wrong, this is a very unlike me day which I guess is why i feel so down! I just have one question....when will this all end?

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Hello rach and welcome to the club!!

Please post what you like on here,you will not be judged and we all try to help each other.

You seem to me to have your life very much under control.

You know what the problem is and you are doing something about it

So decided to have a break away from it today.Good for you we all need a rest now and again.

I have a feeling that you will soon be back in the fray and enjoying the very important job that you do.

All the very best


hi rach and welcome to room 101 lol x we are all very supportive on here. i never thought this would happen to me but 5 months ago, bang, i have good days and bad, ive learnt to take each day as it comes. we do all need a rest so maybe you are due a holiday. better to have a few days off than do your job feeling anxious and stressed out. i hope you feel better soon xxx love Cookie


Welcome. Big hug x

Thanks guys! It's amazing how much better i feel just having you guys comment! Xx

Hi Rach

I agree with having a break.

It's not giving in or rolling over and surrendering.

I think now and again we all need a break from the constant battle.

Dont be hard on yourself, you've struggled for long enough.

The most useful thing i learnt in my CBT classes was about unhelpful thinking and what advice would i give myself if i was someone else (that doesnt even make sense lol).

Bringing logic back to situations.

That really helps me and makes me feel a bit silly and overdramatic too to be honest. It doesnt always work but 80% of the time it does.

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