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has it gone??

hi all i been suffering with G.A.D and panic attacks for the last 8 yrs since i lost my dad to cancer suddenlly i was a lorry driver and used to spend weeks away from home alone and for 8yrs now i not been able to go out the house alone. but i feel my anxiety has got a little better with the med's and cbt help i receved but now the problem is how do i no if the panic attacks have gone? they scared me so much when i got one i was sure i was going to DIE AND STILL AFFRAID I WILL IF I GET ANOTHER i dont get them in the house and i dont get them if i go out with my wife or a freind but i need to no if they are gone but to affraid to try it on my own as i honestly feel they will kill me please advise if anyone has any idea's thankyou for reading this.

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I think the fear of fear is the worst part, no matter how many good days you have there is this little voice that says 'what if'...I had been relatively normal for a few years after my first bout until a few months ago, so yes they can come back...My current technique is remembering all the coventions and concerts that I've been to in the past couple of years and the want to get back to this, so focus on the things you want...remember its one step at a time and be proud of how far you have come recently.



I agree , its the fear of having one that's the real problem & the more we fear , the worse it can be

Again you should be really proud of yourself , you have come along way & well done , this isn't easy

For me , no on can guarantee anything in life , so I couldn't say you will never have a panic attack again , but you have certainly got the tools now , that if this was to ever happen , you would no how to deal with it

Well done again , try & enjoy what you have & leave what might happen where is , enjoy what you have now





Hi, glad you have made progress. No-one can say that you will never ever have a panic attack but one thing I can guarantee is that you will never die from one - no-one has ever died from a panick attack. Also, you are in a better position you have learnt how your body reacts etc so have faith in yourself that you could handle a panic attack if it happened. Good luck and be proud of yourself x


Thankyou all very much for your kind replys it helps to no ppl out there care :)


Baby steps. Can you get out into the garden?


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