Why does it hit u when u think ur doing so well a bomb goes of n ur bk stuck in the house crying not wanting to b here??

I start wiv anxiety n panic attacks n depression when I was 17 after family life got pants It took me 2years to leave my mums house n move out but even that didnt help stuck in my flat for 2yrs n then I start to get help with cbt but because I cudnt make it to them they would only give me 3phone calls which I thought was rubbish so av been trying to fight this on my own wiv my family I am on meds as well :) but I just cnt seem to get any help because I dont leave my house any one else have this problem? Thank you for reading :)


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  • Sorry you are feeling this way. I've never experienced what you are experiencing in terms of being so anxious that I can't leave the house - think I'm probably a bit more at the opposite extreme but then I am lucky to live near open countryside. I can imagine that it is a horrible place to be and I'm sure that you will hear from a lot of other people in this community who have been through and are going through what you are going through. Some of us find that meditation helps.

  • Ty very much for your kind words xxxx

  • Good Morning :) So sorry to hear that your having a rough time i have been down this road and its scary and you think you will never see the light again. I was unable to leave the house and would run back after a few yards crying feeling dizzy and in a panic. There are people who can listen and help you but like anything budget budget interferes keep banging that drum until someone listens. Have you any close friends that you can let off steam to how you are feeling and whats making you so frightened. Where you are at the moment is a horrible place but little steps and positive determination will help. I sincerely wish you luck keep blogging. Big hugs

    Love Seyi xxx

  • No friends that r here for me lost them whn I became ill but I av an amazing fella who has stuck by me but sadly has to go work :( I av my family as well but I just feel like seach a berden on them :( trying to stay positive n get help but finding someone to come out n talk n help me is very hard n ty very much for ur kind words :) xx

  • I only just read your message and felt i had to respond immediately. I am so sorry you are going through what you are and I wanted to let you know that people are here to help you, you are not alone.

    I suffer with anxiety and panic attacks but i am able to leave the house and I work. I cant imagine what you must be going through. I truly want to help. I'm not an expert but i can relate, like many other people on here that are getting help or treatment, it is like banging your head against a brick wall. Trying to get to the doctor, counsellor when you are house bound is impossible, how are you suppose to get better...?!?!?!

    I have started coaching for my anxiety and panic attacks. Its different to counselling. I have also tried pills / medication. I have also had CBT but it didnt work for me. after i stopped taking my meds my anxiety hit me so hard i thought i was going mad. everything around me started falling apart. I had to do something as i couldnt carry on as i was. I have a mortgage to pay for and dont have the backing of a family.

    I was recently recomended from another site I write on, a person called Carl Sheppard. you can go to the website, w w w. a n x i e t y r e b a l a n c e . c o . u k

    He is now coaching me. it may not work for everyone, but he will work with people on the phone, on skype and one 2 one if you want too. What i like is the ease of the treatment and it was no hassle to arrange so my anxiety build up to going to talk to Carl wasnt high. Carl made it as simple of possible for me. which i find my doctors dont!!

    I really like it and I use skype and the telephone with Carl Sheppard. It depends how i feel that day.

    Please check out the site, w w w. a n x i e t y r e b a l a n c e . c o . u k

    and please let us all know how your getting on. we are all here for you.

    Take Care

  • I'm really sorry to hear your going through this, but I'm having the exact same problems! Recently I found it a bit easier to come out of my house as I had a job that I enjoyed to look forward to, but as I was only a temp there I lost in 3 weeks. This past week has been horrendous for me and I can't put it into words but I thought I would have a hair cut to cheer myself up. Things unfortunately took a turn for the worse though and I feel horrendous about myself, again not even wanting to step out my door. I have spent my week end in my room, not even with my family. But my mum has been telling me to take little steps, just walk up the road and come back, I'm terrified of taking this step, but I really think we need to, because if we keep hiding away in our house, things will only get worse and soon we won't even be able to walk out of our rooms. I wish you all the luck to take this step! Try and let me know how it goes if you can. Xx

  • Ty hun wish u all the luck in the world n ty for all ur kind words tcxxxxx

  • Ty I wil check him out n ty for ur help n u kind words tc xxx

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